Monday, March 05, 2012

Checked Out

There is usually a moment, sometime in March or April, when I officially "check out" for the semester. Remember when it happened last year? It didn't in 2010 in quite the same way, because I had mono/tonsilitis/engagement-mania, but it did happen. And it happened in 2009. Etc.

It's always a moment. One specific moment around March that I can actually pinpoint, when I mentally just leave the semester. Today, I was sitting in the Grotto, going over our Directing I test with a few classmates, and I realized that I had just mentally "finished" the semester.

I still work on finishing the semester well. The semester doesn't actually look too different on the outside...I still do homework, attend classes, etc. But my heart is already in a hammock with a novel somewhere.


Beckah said...

Seriously. It's been SO NICE the past couple of days here, I've been eating lunch outside and feeling the warmth of the sun.

And I get ya. When I finish my Psych final on March 21st I'm going to run around the room waving my arms and yelling "And now I'll never have to take another undergraduate class or test again! In your face, suckas!" and then run out of the room and go home to stuff my face with celebratory chocolate.

"And for your two word verifications, please use them in a sentence."

"Conmeno, dyeregy already!"

Jaggers Brain said...

I think I had checked out for most of my graduate school class experience. I was to caught up in living in England, and living with people I love.

Keep on keepin on! I can't wait to see your face!!!!

I enjoy your word verifications! "efivi sommune"

Anonymous said...

That picture you posted? Those women are checking IN!

And, I love you.

And, I'll be seeing you in a month!


Annie said...

Yeah girl, you on the downward slide to no-school time. See you soooooon!

"Oh yeah? Well, rualtu, you tareher."