About Me

    Oh, hello.

My name is Liz. I'm 31 years old. I'm an actress and a writer and, currently, a Creative Writing MFA student.

Because I made the choice to pursue acting as a career, you will probably hear me discuss my victories, doubts, failures, and adventures in the industry.

I write poetry, and have a published collection called "The Scent of Water." You can get it here or on amazon.com. I'm also an aspiring and clueless novelist, thanks to several years of NaNoWriMo.

Knowledge is my drug of choice, and it has so intoxicated me that I've lost track of what other people do or do not find interesting. This occasionally makes social situations challenging. It also means that I watch a lot of documentaries, and you can find some of my recommendations here.

I am passionate about art and reading and typefaces and nature and education. I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, even though sometimes I might swear on this blog. I am an LGBTQ ally, and an intersectional feminist and a social justice warrior. I deal with depression and anxiety, and I occasionally share parts of that journey here.

Why am I naked but not stupid? 
My childhood, circa 1988. I am three years old. I have just gotten out of the bath, and am running around in the buff, refusing clothing. Our close family friends are over, and at that age, we are like siblings. Jenalee, age 4, is playing while I evade getting dressed. 

SOMEONE: Hey, Elisabeth! Put some clothes on, stupid! 
(In retrospect, I don't know who on earth would have called me stupid, but that's how the story goes.) 
JENALEE: She may be naked, but she's not stupid. 

This quote was brought up again 8 years ago or so, and it seemed too perfect not to publish somehow. And here's the truth of it--I still don't like clothes. But I like to think I'm not stupid. And "The Intelligent Nudist" didn't quite have the same ring to it as a blog title. 

I know some readers might be a little taken aback by the name of my blog, but that's okay. I am what I am.

Stick around. I'll probably recommend a documentary you might like.

Want to contact me? Shoot me an email at general_silliness@hotmail.com. I'd love to hear from you!


Anonymous said...

Here is my two cents. I was raised as an insensitive self-righteous pontificating jerk but eventually found my way to Christ within the church. I have been a Bishop and all those other callings. I know church history inside and out and have endured some bad spin on our history by our leaders and kept faithful. I know church doctrine as well and know that our doctrine is only the tip of the iceberg and we can only learn the rest of the story from people outside of the church. My personal doctrine that I would never preach from the pulpit but I believe to be true is that all the women on earth "make it." The purpose of this world is to see how many men could possibly be saved. Case in point. Compare a Relief Society lesson to the High Priest Quorum. Women also, through the priesthood, perform the first ordinance we receive on earth and it involves water, blood, and being born. Anyway, nice site and some great thoughts.

Tyler said...

^ This guys got it figured out

Anonymous said...

Great blog :)