Friday, March 02, 2012

Update Vomit

1. It's been snowing like crazy. I kept thinking that if we could just make it until March, we'd have it made. Then it would be spring, and winter would have lots its chance and wouldn't have been allowed to come. Then on leap day...the very LAST day of February: white-out blizzard conditions. *Sigh*

2. I love the Oscars. Alexander McQueen can do no wrong...Jessica Chastain's dress is a knock-out. And how's about Midnight in Paris winning best screenplay!? I was thrilled! I also have a huge crush on Emma Stone right now, like most of America, and thoroughly enjoyed her nomination bit. (I can't find it on youtube yet, but when I do, I'll add a link.) And Christopher Plummer was the classiest man in that room that night. His acceptance speech proved him a delight and a gentleman. AND, MOST IMPORTANTLY, AS A RESULT OF THE AWARDS, THE ARTIST IS NOW BEING SHOWN IN IDAHO FALLS!!! Can I afford to skip class today...? 

3. This blog might be getting a little quiet for a few weeks. Not that I don't love you all madly. It's just that it's the last few weeks of my last semester of classes, and I'm in a show, and I'm working, and I've got approximately 2 minutes of free time per day. I don't even have time to write THIS entry. So I may pop in occasionally, but if you notice my hiatus, it's because I'm swamped.

3B. And speaking of blogger, a lot of you have notified me that my comments get deleted as SPAM and don't show up on your blogs. And I am not spam. So check your spam folders! Sorry if comments aren't showing up...I AM reading!

4. Have I mentioned that The Artist is showing in Idaho Falls?

image via Pinterest...I'm too lazy to get the details.


Paul Justham said...

I Like SPAM...

Jessie said...

I read this post while sitting in a theater waiting for the Artist to start!

Anonymous said...

I actually really disliked Jessica Chastain's dress in all the pictures I saw ... but up close, the detail is incredibly beautiful. In my opinion, that was a dress for an intimate, very formal party, not the red carpet. And, I love you!


ps - One of the two word verifications was "youroma", but as you know, she doesn't do the internet ...