Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Revamp! And Odes! And things to look forward to!

Hello everyone! The ole blog got another makeover--I keep thinking I'll be satisfied with THIS revamp, but let's be honest, I'll re-do it again in another six months. That's okay, though. I enjoy it. Buttons with links will be forthcoming, html and I are in a little fight, but we'll work it out.

So, some of you may have heard of this fundraiser thing I've been doing for Jacob. He's in a play that's set to be performed at a festival in New York City in July! Woo hoo! But as you can imagine, 11 days in New York City ain't cheap. So the cast has organized a fundraiser through GoFundMe.com (link in the sidebar), and on Facebook, I offered to write an ode for anyone who donated during a given 24-hour period, with 1 line per dollar donated. Mad crazy thanks to EVERYONE who has donated so far. And a special thanks to the following folks, in ode form:

Amanda Kelley
Oh New Yorker of fame!
Now mighty mother of three!
Advocate of others whose children are still arriving.
We sing thy praises,
with our Jamberry nails raised high, glinting in the sunlight.

Carrie Chapman
Oh see what she hath done,
that woman of great beauty and smarts.
Her children smile, and it is her doing.
See her now, book in hand, taking in words of beauty!
She types, and the world hearkens unto her wisdom.
Great Carrie--defender of rabbits and babies!
How generations shall rejoice at the sound of her name!
We long to go unto her house, decorated fair,
to sit and talk and laugh.
For we love her, dear Carrie!

Mary Gritis
Oh Mary, returned missionary and theatrical goddess!
She coordinates and actors listen.
Costumes are arranged with such precision.
What joy is hers, as she wanders the halls of the Snow Building,
hearing her friends sing her praises!

Carey Ventura
And what great things hath Carey done!
Tis not easy to be the wife of a soldier.
Mother of three, she stands tall.
Commander of her household,
She shall prevail.
And what performances hath she given.
Hear her voice as she treads the boards!
The audience sits rapt, silent, and awed.
She is a star
in the theatre universe.
But see!
Her talents are not limited
to theatre and song!
See the marvelous works of her hands
A glory of yarn-made goods!
What more can be said?
A heroine of home and hearth,
with great generosity she stands
Queen of all she surveys,
from stage to etsy to home.

Jamey Meteer
Oh writer and speaker of great words!
See her courageous fingers fly over the keyboard.
Hark! She speaks, standing beneath the stage lights!
And in the eyes of her son,
she is a mighty heroine.

Kathleen Thorson
(in limerick form, for old time’s sake)
There once was a girl named Kathleeny
Who certainly wasn’t a meanie
She donated cash
For Jake’s New York bash
And the amount that she’s loved isn’t teeny.

And what's that, you say? You'd like to donate too? Well, right here on this little ole blog, I'm doing a GIVEAWAY for donations! The giveaway will open later this week, so stay tuned!

(Of course, if you WANT, you can just donate now, without entering the giveaway. Link in the sidebar. But hey, who wouldn't want free stuff?)

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