Friday, June 13, 2014

Donation Giveaway!

I've never done one of these blog giveaway things before, so you know it's an important cause now that I AM doing one.

So, Jacob was in a play a few years ago called "Bielzy and Gottfried," written by one of the theatre professors here on campus. He's been asked to reprise his role this July at the Midtown International Theatre Festival in New York City! He's also accompanying the show on the guitar. It's an incredible opportunity for him to make a few connections and build his resume. But as you can imagine, an 11-day trip to New York City doesn't come cheap. So he and the rest of the cast and crew have set up a Go Fund Me campaign. (It's like Kickstarter, except you still get to keep the money if you don't make your goal.) And I am asking you, humble readers, to donate.

But there's something in it for you! We're doing a little giveaway for those who donate $5 or more to the cause. Every $5 you donate gets you one entry in the giveaway. And your prize?

1 Namaste tote bag from Seeker of Happiness ($12)
1 $10 Jamba Juice gift card ($10)
A free signed copy of my poetry book, "The Scent of Water" ($9/priceless)
A personal song of thanks written and recorded by Jacob Chapman (priceless)
2 king size candy bars of your choice ($2)
A signed copy of Midas Whale's album "Sugar House" (priceless/$9)*
One framed art print of a quote of your choice ($10)
A signed copy of the script of "Bielzy and Gottfried" (priceless)

That's like, $50 worth of awesome. Plus all that priceless stuff.
So it's like, an awesome, priceless prize.


So here's how it will work! Go to the GoFundMe campaign page. Donate whatever amount you'd like--every $5 gets you one entry into the giveaway (so, if you donate $20, you get 4 entries). Be sure to include at least your first name, and in the comment section, write "Blog giveaway." Like this: 

Then, one week from today, I shall gather up all the names of those who have donated, and draw one lucky winner. You can enter as many times as you would like! And remember that the more you donate, the better your chances of winning! Aaaaaaand, you will qualify for the rewards on GoFundMe as well. So even if you don't win the giveaway, you'll still get some cool stuff just for participating.


So what are you waiting for? Go donate! 

* For you Midas Whale fans out there, Jon is playing the role of Job in the production of Bielzy and Gottfried! 

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