Sunday, June 15, 2014

"So many of us choose our paths out of fear disguised as practicality."

August 2014:

In order to:
1. Pursue theatre and maybe a little film among the many theaters and actors and producers and directors we have connections with in the Utah Valley area.
2. Build our resumes in more professional theatre settings before setting off on adventures elsewhere.


Jacob and I's collective passions are theatre, writing, comedy, and education. We're pretty sure that we will never make more than $60,000 in any given year of our life together, TOPS. But we're totally okay with's more than enough to meet our needs. In American culture, pursuing career paths in theatre or writing seems illogical or frowned upon. But why would we pursue something we don't want to do, for money that we don't need? We'd rather be poor and happy than rich and hating our jobs.

We've been sitting on this knowledge for a while--our decision to move to Utah, I mean. I've been reluctant to stay in the Rocky Mountain area, but this move both makes sense and feels right. The fact that we've known for a while has also given me ample time to think about all the things we have to look forward to:

1. Theatre/film opportunities! This is the main reason we're heading down there--there are so many more options and opportunities available, and we're excited to explore them all.

2. Restaurants. So many. So good. My eating out habit is about to get worse. And better. (Jacob, DO YOU REALIZE WE'LL HAVE ACCESS TO IN-AND-OUT BURGER ALL THE TIME?!)

3. The airport. It's RIGHT THERE. I don't have to look for more expensive flights from Idaho Falls or worry about taking the shuttle.

4. Public transportation! Buses! Trains! Yay for options and greener living!

5. IKEA. When decoration is needed, it shall be done both inexpensively and well.

6. H and M. Not that we really NEED more clothes, but if and when we do, they shall be well-fitting, inexpensive, and good-looking.

7. Concerts! A good handful of bands make their way to Salt Lake City, and we shall watch them play shows. There's also much more of a music scene in the area than there is in Rexburg. Rexburg has a DECENT scene, but not a big one, and people in Rexburg aren't willing to pay for shows, so bands don't always last very long.

8. Friends! We have a handful of close friends and a handful of respected acquaintances and we're excited to spend time with more of them.

9. Family! Grandma and Grandpa Fraughton, let's meet up to talk about holistic medicine and jam in that old church home of yours. And speaking of holistic medicine, Uncle Don and family, how about dinner sometime?

10. Costco. You can bet your bottom shekel that I'll be getting a membership.

11. Community classes. In a big city like Salt Lake, there are plenty of dance studios and arial silks gymnastics classes and fencing workshops and pole dancing lessons and so much more. Hooray for life-long learning!

12. And Trader Joe's! I hadn't even thought of that until my mother-in-law brought it up.

13. Places will be open past midnight!

There are a lot of things we will miss about Rexburg. Family, friends, the university. But we're excited for this next adventure. I kept thinking, while we were brainstorming about our "next step," that it would somehow have to be our final one, or a long-term one. But it doesn't have to be. It makes me feel a bit unsettled, but also gives me an enormous amount of comfort. We don't have to plan everything right now. Just one step at a time. This is one leg of the journey, and who knows where it will take us.

We're still working out the details--where exactly we're living, steady income, specific dates. But whatever those details are, I feel good about where we're heading, and why.

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