Thursday, April 25, 2013

California via Instagram

We're at the Playmill! We rehearse 9 hours a day, so I probably won't be blogging lots for the next few weeks. But before we came here to the Playmill, we went to California. And I'm going to pretend my blog is the same thing as Instagram and post all my pictures from our trip!

I'll even include a few hashtags.

(Okay, what I'm actually doing is just posting my Instagram pictures from the trip with almost the exact same captions. So if you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, um...sorry.)

Starting out.

Stopping by Mars on our way to California. #spacetourism

I feel like Katniss coming to the Capitol for the first time. #vivalasvegas

Dust devils in the Mojave.

World's Largest Thermometer!

Phelan area. This is the bumpiest highway ever.

Solo lunch in a diner in Ventura. I like visiting new places.

This neighborhood has the approval of Jacob Chapman and the lead singer of Pearl Jam.

Driving along the coast on the way to LA. #malibu

Luke's Diner! Under construction. #wbtour #gillmoregirls

They film "The Mentalist" here. We improv'd an interrogation in the interrogation room. (During which I almost broke the blinds on the window, in my haste to tell my colleague that our suspect "has the goods at his grandmother's house.") #wbtour

Star's Hollow, Connecticut! #wbtour #gillmoregirls

Shout out to Jon and Ryan! #wbtour #midaswhale

A flying Ford Anglia. #wbtour #harrypotter

Just a few FRIENDS hanging out at The Central Perk! #wbtour

The wand is choosing the wizard. This is Sirius Black's wand, and it was also meant to be mine. #harrypotter #wbtour

"Urban Light" art installation in LA. And some hip urban people. #LAwithAllison

Grauman's Chinese Theatre. #LAwithAllison

Jacob's life is a musical. Especially when he's at Disneyland. #disneyland

This is happiness. #disneyland

Rode the ride I was always afraid of when I was a kid. #hauntedmansion #disneyland

Secret to skipping long lines. Greatest discovery EVER. #disneyland

Just settin' on a porch on Main Street at the end of a magical day. #disneyland

Hanging out in the old familiar "blue room" at Oma and Opa's. #sfbayarea

Reunited with the Pacific. #sfbayarea

Just a sea lion, lounging here in Santa Cruz. I know it looks like he's dead, but he's just sleeping. Also, I almost dropped my phone in the ocean while taking this picture. #sfbayarea

San Francisco sunset. No filter. #sfbayarea

Friends and family at the Exploratorium. #sfbayarea #sarahjagger (Sarah, you get your own hashtag!)

My current roadtrip snack. I ate like, 3 cartons in 2 days. (And then I got home to Rexburg, and they were 5 cartons for $5, so now they've become my every day snack.)

Listening to the Beatles and driving through the southern Utah desert at dusk. No filter.

Traditional family jam session with Grandpa Fraughton before heading back to Rexburg.

How all of us felt by the end of the trip.

Mini dust storm outside of Pocatello. Weird.

Home again! Jacob is really really handsome. This is currently the wallpaper on my phone because Jacob is really handsome.

Good times, Jacob, Dave and Cam. Also Allison, Sarah, various grandparents and parents. It was awesome to see you all. Let's do this again sometime.

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Jaggers Brain said...

2 random thoughts while looking at your photos... 1. I love that I have my own hashtag and I think that should continue 2. So that's where one of my missionary pillowcases went to! (Unless Jacob also had that pillowcase) =)

PS so good to see you guys! I'm really trying to make it to the reunion thingy.. if not I'll still try and get up there!