Monday, April 08, 2013

Why bad weather is worse in Rexburg than it is in the Pacific Northwest

Because Rexburg sucks. That's why.

It is the beginning of April. Know what the weather is like? Like this:

I feel like this picture doesn't do the rotten weather justice. Believe me, it's rotten-er than this picture looks.

I spent my teenage years in the Pacific Northwest, and occasionally when I complain about the weather in Idaho, people respond with, "But it's ALWAYS rainy and cloudy in the Pacific Northwest and you say you love it there!"

I respond with these three facts:

#1 - There is no constant evil biting wind in the Pacific Northwest like there is in Rexburg. Also, it's not as cold as Rexburg.  

#2 - Even when it's cloudy and rainy, it's still GREEN in the Pacific Northwest. In Rexburg, bad weather days look like this: 

In the Pacific Northwest, even if the sky looks like this:

all you have to do is look down and you'll still see this:

There are occasions when you DON'T see this, but that brings me to the third reason.

#3 - There are things to do and places to go besides the library or a potato farm. 
One of the things I miss most about Oregon is cafes and coffee houses. I can "weather" rain and cloudy skies if I can also have gourmet hot chocolate, baked goods, and a table where I can read and write.
If you're in or near Portland, Seattle, Ashland or any other decently-sized city, there are also museums, indie movie theatres, workshops, etc. And everywhere, there are still little coffee houses. In Rexburg, when the weather's bad, your options include the library or staring at things.

And after 8 years in Idaho, I've exhausted the library.

So I'm going to eat and entire box of Girl Scout cookies while I stare at things.

And nobody tell me that I'm "as happy as I choose to be." I'm too busy wallowing in weather rage and self-pity. 


Laura said...

Those pictures of Oregon....
Oh, I am going to cry.
Take me there at once.

Annie McNeil said...

Yes, yes.

I've been out of the 'burg for two and a half years now, enjoying the verdant climates of England and Oregon. But I still feel a little clingy about greenness, like my system's never quite regained total green-security after all those Rexburg winters.

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