Friday, May 03, 2013

Salad Days

Have I mentioned that for this summer, singing, dancing, and acting is my JOB? This is only scratching the surface, but here are some of the highlights from the first two weeks of Jacob and I's summer as Playmill Players. 

When we had a "girl's night" while the boys played basketball, and instead of watching movies and painting our nails, we talked about feral children and serial killers. 

When we were playing a game, and someone got out, and Hannah said, "Out like a LIGHT!" and then the lightbulb almost above her head fell out of the socket and crashed onto the ground. 

How almost everyone in the cast is learning to juggle (for no particular reason). 

How Mason left rehearsal last night with a slightly rolled ankle, a bruised shoulder, a cold sore, and a bloody nose. And kept smiling and doing enthusiastic hitch kicks. 

Watching Jacob learn awesome dances. And watching him be awesome at them. 

Getting to know everyone--strengthening old friendships and building new ones. 

Making baby Charlie smile his 2-month-old gummy little smile. 

Going to Old Faithful at 11 pm, which included almost freezing to death, watching the geyser go off, star gazing, watching an enormous full moon rise, talking about conversion, and in Jacob's case, peeing off the boardwalk surrounding the geyser. 

Half of the cast scraping the paint off the girl's bathroom stalls for hours and hours and hours while the other half of the cast learned music. This process also involved talking, singing, and finally mastering that rhyming game that Brooklyn tried to teach us that we sucked at. 

How Mason TOTALLY peed in front of me and Jacob Squire without a second thought. (Or, as he said at the time, "Squeezed the lemon.")

How I fell onto the ground twice in one day...once on the gravel outside the theatre in an attempt to run after and attack Jerry's car, and once in the theatre in an attempt to run up the stairs. 

The way that at least once a day, I can't stop smiling at the fact that I get to be here with these incredible, talented, hilarious, wonderful people (including my husband), doing what I love. 


Curt said...

I really wish I had your job this summer! But, uh, are there no bathrooms in West Yellowstone?

All my love and best wishes!

Bailee said...

I love reading your posts about your summer! I was at the Playmill last summer, and I happened upon your blog because I saw it on Brooklyn Poulter's facebook wall. :) When I saw on her wall that there was a post about Playmill, I couldn't help but reading.

It made me smile! I'm coming to see you all in June... can't wait!