Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Two Wolves

A man once told his son, "Within each of us, there are two wolves: one good and one evil. They are constantly battling, fighting to be the dominant one."

His son replied, "But, father. Which one wins?"

The man smiled at his son and answered, "That's easy. Whichever one you feed."


HeadLine said...

This short story is really great, thats the main sence of choosing beetwen good and evil.

Jules said...

This tidbit of wisdom is all the more wonderful for involving a "good" wolf rather than just picking another animal to represent "good." Wolves are too often depicted as the bad guy.

mallosaurus said...

so great. thanks for your comment on my blog, for some reason your comments never show up on the actual blog but i can read them in my e-mail. weird? anyway thanks for sharing about your testimony-building experience :) love ya.

Daniel Abrantes said...

great story!