Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Least Festive Halloween Ever

Between designing sound for one show, and starring in it, and running sound for another show, and working 15 hours a week, and going to school full-time, there simply wasn’t time or emotional energy to get excited about Halloween this year. No costumes, no jack-o-lanterns, no candy, no parties. No nothing. Kinda lame.

But here’s the thing. Last night I was filled with gratitude to just sit at home with my husband and not have to be ANYWHERE. We’ve been basking in the free time we’ve had the last two nights. Sunday, we got into bed around 7 and stayed there until we fell asleep around midnight, with only a break or two to get dinner (Rocky Road ice cream and Great Value peanut butter cups). Jacob read a J.R.R. Tolkien story aloud and then we made out.

If that all sounds perfect, it was.

Last night, we went out to dinner, and then I shaved my legs, soaked my feet, and read “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” while eating chocolates. The whole evening was rather Holly Golightly, actually. (Except for the part when I fell on my face while weather-proofing our bedroom window. Not so Holly Golightly.)

So Happy Halloween, I guess. In the future, the Chapmans will be more festive. But this year, sitting in the living room, listening to Jacob play the guitar while I read and wrote, was the perfect Halloween.


Beckah said...

Seriously. I didn't do anything. We had our first dress rehearsal and then I went home and went to bed. Earlier in the day I did watch "The Nightmare Before Christmas" but then my car died and things were really bleh. The only thing I did for Halloween was wear a dress and tell everyone I was dressed up as a girl. Next year...next year will be epic.

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Jules said...

Our Halloween was the same. Seve had to work at his new night guard job, we never got around to buying costumes . . . Simon and I just took a nap on the couch and answered the door once for the single trick-or-treater of the evening. I always tell people Halloween is my favorite holiday, but these past few years my lack of a celebration says otherwise.

Melanie said...

Listening to Tolkien aloud, followed by a make-out session! I love it! I as well had to ditch the festivities this year, although I was actually really bitter about it. Next year will be epic.