Sunday, October 23, 2011

Jules and Seve Come to Visit, or "Baby Simon Goes on a Roadtrip"

Here's the weekend in pictures. Our good friends Jules and Seve came to visit, and they brought their newest family member, sweet Simon.

Here he is, surprised by mortality, as usual.

Simon spent the weekend: 

Being cared for by Mom and Dad. (That's a syringe in Seve's mouth. In case you couldn't tell.)

Thinking deep thoughts with Jacob.

Meeting Uncle Jerry.

Being a tiny hipster.

Looking this concerned at least 80% of the time.

And occasionally looking downright terrified. (We can't get over this picture. For any readers who may be concerned about the cause of this face, it was poop. When you've only had a working digestive system for three weeks or so, poop can be pretty alarming.)

But most of the weekend was spent cuddling.

Or being cuddled, as the case may be. 

Is it obvious that I'm excited for us to have one of our own someday?
Because I'm pretty excited to be a mom someday.


Jules said...

Liz I love these! Except the one where I look like a chubby eskimo in my nursing cover and cat hat. What a combo. But boy oh boy do I love that Simon - he misses you already! Thanks so much for the awesome weekend!

Scott said...

Those faces KILLED ME!

Alex said...


mallosaurus said...

hahahahahahha those faces!!! did you know Seve served with Matt in Ukraine? and we were in their ward for 5-ish months before they moved. we love them! how fun we're all connected and they have a sweet boy now.