Saturday, September 17, 2011

Slice of Life

photo via (Isn't this a cool photo? I love it.)

A few random updates:

School started! We're still settling in, but I think we've got a good semester going. Still waiting on the cast list for "Drowsy Chaperone" (fingers crossed), so the routine isn't quite in place yet. It's hitting me that this is my last school year at BYU-Idaho. This place has been part of my life for so long; it's weird to think it'll be over soon. Although, this year I'm noticing how very young the freshmen look. And I feel like I'm outgrowing things here. Maybe it's time to move on. Graduation 2012, here we go.

I'm playing Caliban in a Children's Theatre/Reader's Theatre adaptation of "The Tempest." It feels good to do a show again, even if I'm playing a man. Slash monster. (Wouldn't be the first time.) Incidentally, "The Tempest" was the very first theatrical production I ever auditioned for. Phoenix High, 1999. I didn't make it, but I did have a huge crush on the guy who played Caliban in that production. I don't think I'll make any freshmen girls swoon with my portrayal, though. I'm also designing the sound for the show, which is exciting.

Jacob and I are watching (in segments) the recent David Tennet production of "Hamlet" and we're loving it. Polonius is a gem in this production. Anyone else seen it? I think we're going to start a collection of film adaptations of Shakespeare plays. 

This may be slightly graphic, but I have 2 plantar warts, and I got one of those do-it-yourself-freeze-away things from Walmart, because enough is enough. I used it today and it was one of the most bizarre experiences I've had. I watched/felt my flesh freeze. With chemicals. By my own hand. I'll let you know if it worked.

Avast, all ye scurvy bilge rats! A reminder, me hearties! Monday be "International Talk Like A Pirate Day"! Aside from that blustery holiday o' Christmas, it be one o' me favorite holidays o' the year! So, all ye salty dogs and land lubbers, awaken yer inner buccaneer on the morn o' September 19th! YAARRGGGHHH!!!


Mrs. Pingel said...

I have plantar warts, too! I hate them! I bought a kit, too, and it hasn't worked... but I think you can do it over and over until it works (with a couple of weeks in-between) so maybe they're just stubborn. I'll let you know what happens.

The lost girl said...

liz, Im sure You'll make me swoon. :)
also, if you havent already, watch "The Taming of the shrew" with Elizabeth Taylor. Its fabulous.

Jessy Gruet said...

This is a cool blog, its weird that I am basically the same age as you, but everything is so different over here in the UK! Crazy :) Anyway well done on your crazy ass views, keep blogging dude X