Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Blog Stats

So I recently rediscovered the “Stats” thingy on blogger. I’ve looked at it a few times before, back when I was sort of freaking out about how many new followers I had, but then I worked through that and completely forgot about the “Stats” page. (PS: If you want to check the stats out on your own blog, just go to make a new post and one of the tabs at the top says “Stats.”) Anyway, I’ve made some bizarre discoveries about my blog.

First of all, the most often-viewed entry on my entire blog is this one, in which I reveal the cast list for BYU-Idaho’s production of Macbeth. It has been viewed 1,111 times. Which doesn’t make sense to me because it doesn't strike me as a very interesting blog post. But whatever.

The second most-viewed entry on my blog is one in which I discuss my search for bedding for Jacob and I’s full-size bed. That page has been viewed 937 times. Which DOES make sense to me because I found some really awesome bedding to post about.

And the third most-viewed entry is actually not surprising at all, because it’s a re-posting of a thing called “Date a girl who reads” that I found and fell in love with. And apparently other people fell in love with it too because it’s been viewed 814 times.

Other popular posts include a discussion of the best movie kisses of all time, and a debate about the amount of time BYU-Idaho girls vs. EFY girls put into their appearance, that was intended as a joke but got taken WAY too seriously in BYU-Idaho's newspaper.

But here’s my favorite part. You can see what search keywords have led people to your blog, and how many people searched for that thing and found your blog. Check this out:

comma – 89 (What? I don't understand a - Why someone would search for "comma" and b - How it would lead them to my blog?)

awesome bedding – 50

saruman guitar – 32 (Does anyone have any idea what this means?)

awesome bedspreads – 28

byu idaho – 27

college isn’t the place to go for ideas – 27

she may be naked but she’s not stupid – 27 (See, this one makes sense…)

byu girls nude – 15 (THIS ONE MAKES ME MAD. I feel sort of snobbily righteous –which is an oxymoron – that someone was looking for something dirty and found my blog instead. HA! You wanted porn, and you get intellectual discussions and humorous stories and inspiration instead!)

janis joplin greatest hits – 15 (I don’t quite get this one because I LOVE Janis Joplin, but I don’t remember blogging about her very often…)

and the last one, which is my favorite:
shark bedding – 14

Bam. I like that searches for bedding seem to be my biggest traffic source.

Anyway, I'm kind of really happy that my blog is reaching so many people. It took me awhile to figure out how I felt about little blog that was originally started to update friends and family. I don't have a specific audience of niche (fashion, wedding inspirations, or whatever). I just write about what is on my mind, be it funny or poetic or an attempt at inspiration or an intellectual discussion. And I'm glad it seems to be reaching people. I'm glad to return the many people have inspired me with their writing, and I'm honored and humbled to have a chance to do the same thing. When I get 300 followers, we'll have some sort of celebration.

Because here's the thing. I love my readers. You guys rock.

I know that for a while now I've been all "Gah what the heck everyone reads my blog and I don't know who I am" and stuff. But I've worked through that. And I'm really glad to have you here. I've been reading through a few popular blogs a lot lately (like hyperbole and a half and seriously so blessed), and I've been inspired by these bloggers. And I've decided to embrace my readership! I'm still not going to link-swap, or do giveaways, or plug my blog all over the internet. But if people find it, and dig it, and follow it, my heart will swell with joy.

So a hearty
to all of you dear readers, whether I know you or not. Keep on rocking the internet world.


Carrie Lynn said...

Liz, I used to be confused by this stuff too, but I realized something: A lot of times people will be searching an image in Google Images and the image with be on YOUR BLOG. This is probably the case with the Macbeth post. Probably a whole lotta people searching for pictures from Macbeth. And bedding.

Anna Alyse said...

yeah. my most searched one is "mountain men"


and shark bedding?! That kills me!

Darkstarwoman said...

great blog. I would have to say it's 'refreshing' and of course you're a great writer. Cheers!

X W Aintablian said...

Your posts totally entertain me, and you are a great writer, so I read them. :)

Phetsalath said...

I just pushed the random next blog button and found this. Pretty interesting stuff and ever since I saw that stat button, I've been obsessed lol. I was wondering is this a feminist blog? and I love the colors here.