Thursday, January 20, 2011

Things that Jacob's done lately that I've liked

Played with Baby Jack, which is always fun to watch. (It included playing the electric guitar for him and teaching him how to dance to it, as this photo is evidence of.)

Told me I was beautiful at least once a day

Celebrated my announcement of "I'm sleepy" by impersonating a low-energy, but very feminine cheerleader ("Hoooorraaay!") (Maybe you had to be there...)

Gotten a slide for his guitar and started to learn how to use it.

Walked from the kitchen into the living room where I was doing homework and said "I know it smells like something's on fire, but I have everything under control."

I sure like that guy. I'm glad I get to spend forever with him.


Brandilyn said...

i love you guys together!! it's perfection.

France is said...

thats oober cuteness. dont you love being in love for long time ever? its the best feeling in the world! word verif.: tivelli: vital italian ingredient.

kate lines said...

nope. it was funny still. we didn't have to be there. "hoooooooooooray"

Anonymous said...

Every time I see this picture, it looks like a Saturday Evening Post picture a la Rockwell. So sweet!

Love you!


word verification: shmoma. A famous song by The Knack ... "My my my myyyyyy shmoma".

Julia said...

This is cool and adorable.

I love the baby! :D

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