Monday, January 24, 2011

But not a real green dress, that's cruel

I know the way I dress doesn't make this fact immediately apparent, but I secretly love fashion. But more in a "look at beautiful things on and in Vogue magazine" kind of a way, than in the "actually buying and wearing things" way. Anyway, sometimes I get consumer-lust, and I find fun things like these:

Don't they make you want to tap dance? I love the big ribbon tie and the texture detail.

A little Victorian throwback. I don't think I own a single thing that I could wear with these shoes, but I think they're gorgeous. And perfect for Rexburg winter Sundays! (I'm also looking at these and thinking that they could be made at home, given the right supplies and a Saturday afternoon.)

And how fun are the ruffles on this dress! I don't know if the top would be particularly flattering on me, but I love the texture and layering on the skirt. If I owned this dress, I would want to go dancing every single weekend.

Too bad I don't have a million dollars to drop on clothes.

Although, to be honest, if I had a lot of extra money to drop, I'd probably drop it on one of these.


Ms. Code said...

Yah! my vote goes here! Nice bike!

Taylor Thompson said...

Love, love, love those black and white shoes. LOVE.

MyrtleHernandez said...

I love the 2 shoes..very nice..
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kate lines said...

pretty, pretty, really pretty and bad ass.

kate lines said...

ooooh no! can i say that on your blog?! don't hate me if i can't- just delete my comment.

Jaggers Brain said...

I get why you would prefer a rebel. It's a good reliable bike, but I think you will quickly find that you will outgrow it. I would recommend a Suzuki Boulevard s40. It is about the same size, but double the engine, so you can take it on the freeway and not be pushin it. It's light and awesome.

PS I am jealous of those cute shoes, and want them. Damn heels.

Love you!