Saturday, March 27, 2010

There is a green hill far away

It's the end of March! That means April General Conference, which I love. It's all the joy and hope of Easter combined with all the awesome-ness of hearing from the prophets and apostles of God. I don't often wax religious on this blog (although I often wax spiritual), but I love General Conference. A few years ago, a friend shared with me a scripture study to do during the week leading up to Easter. For those who would like to join me in this study, I'm posting it here! Here are the teachings and events surrounding the Savior's life during the week leading up to His resurrection. There's also a study where you can read about the things that happened each day on the day they happened, but it means reading like 12 chapters one day and nothing another day. So I've divided this one up to where you're reading between 60-70 verses a day.

If you'd like the day-by-day real-time study, leave me a comment with your e-mail address and I'll send it your way!

Enjoy this week!


John 12:1-11
Mark 11:11
Luke 19:29-44
Mark 11:12-33
Matt 21:17
Mark 11:20-23, 27-33

Mark 12:18-37, 41-44
Matt 21: 28-32
Matt 22:1-22
Matt 23:1-39

Matt 24:1-51

Matt 25:1-34
Matt 26:14-16
John 12:20-50
Luke 22:37-38

Luke 22:7-58
John 13:2-38, John 14-17

Matt 26:36-56
John 18:12-14, 28-38
Luke 22:55-71

Luke 23:8-12
Matt 26:57-68
Matt 27:15-61
Matt 27:62-66

Mark 16:1-4
John 20:2-18, 26-29
John 21:1-24
Matt 28:2-7, 16-20
Luke 24:13-39
Acts 1:3-12

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Jaggers Brain said...

I will try to join you in this awesome activity! I actually forgot about it this year, so I'm pretty excited to re-read all these events!

PS Liz you're awesome, and I hope you're feeling better! Love you!