Thursday, March 25, 2010


#1. I am not good at resting when I have mono. Especially not when my sister is in town/when it's the end of the semester/when I'm planning a wedding. I'm working on this. Using mono as an excuse to "check out of school early" has its flaws. I should be doing homework or sleeping, but instead I'm blogging/wedding planning/movie watching/hanging out with my sister.

#2. My tonsil stone is GONE! Totally! It disintegrated with the drugs I was taking for everything else. Hopefully I won't ever get them again. Sad I didn't get to keep this one and name it, but wonderful that I didn't have to pay money to have a THIRD doctor take it out.

#3. Went wedding dress shopping today. Pretty excited about that. Although prom dress shopping with Mel yesterday developed within me a general distrust and dislike of formal wear shop employees. We found a super simple A-line dress for... $200. Woo hoo! It gives us a good template for all the other awesome lace/embroidery/whatever things I want to do to it. I think I'm going to get it. It's on hold for me right now.

#4. Only 3 and a half months till Jacob and I get married! We can't wait! (Well, we can and we will, but we're so excited to start our life together that we both wish it was RIGHT NOW.)

#5. I want to live in a tree house right now. By myself (Annie may stay) until Jacob and I get married, and then with Jacob. And not, like, a "treehouse," but like a full out house that happens to be in a tree. Can that be arranged, please? Thanks.

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