Monday, March 29, 2010

Mono heartbreak, or I Use My Blog to Whine and Complain

One day, I WILL go to the Holi Festival of Colors. In the meantime, the pictures of it that are flooding facebook right now bring tears to my eyes. I've been planning on going for over a YEAR. And then I got mono. =(

I HATE mono.

And have I ever mentioned my insomnia? Seems like mono would cure that, but noooooo. I STILL can't get to sleep at a decent hour, even when I WANT to. Here's the problem:

I have mono. It's the very end of the semester. There's a wedding to be planned, homework to be done, a house to be cleaned, and health to be regained. All of that makes me anxious. And anxiety keeps me from getting good sleep. When I don't get good sleep, I don't get better. When I don't get better, I'm anxious and can't sleep.

All of that =

Better get back to relaxation techniques. Or sleeping pills.


France is said...

holi-heartbreak. i cant even tell you how much you belong there.

JenLee said...
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JenLee said...

I am saving that "vicious cycle" picture and using it at any opportunity I get.
I'm sorry you are so sick and stressed out! It will get better soon, I promise!