Wednesday, August 06, 2008

"Life is something that everyone should try at least once." --Henry J. Tillman


So strangely enough, shortly after I posted my "Bucket List," I was checking out some friends' blogs, and my friend James had a similar post. Except his was things he'd ALREADY accomplished...things to brag about and check off a "bucket list." He challenged his fellow bloggers and any other readers to make the same list for their own lives. His requirements for such a list were, and I quote:

"1)The list can only be comprised of things you've done. This is not a wish list.
2)It must be a one time thing. Not a life changing beatitude. This is not Seven Habits for Blah Blah Blahs.
You don't need to write 75 but you should try for something high. 10 is too low. Shoot for at least 25. If you only have 10, you need to live."

Do you have any idea how difficult it is to come up with 75 THINGS to put on a list of accomplishments like this? It took me almost all afternoon. But I've done it! Some of them aren't necessarily things to brag about, but things that I've always wanted to do, and I'm pleased to have done them. I encourage you all to make a list or two of your own, both for things to do and things you've done. Here's my list of accomplished things to do before you die!


1. Go skinny-dipping
2. Milk a cow
3. Visit a 3rd world country, not as a tourist
4. See both the Pacific and the Atlantic Ocean
5. Work at The Playmill Theatre
6. Sing in a jazz combo
7. Make out in an elevator
8. Meet someone famous
9. Choreograph a musical
10. Go to concert in which you have to stand for the duration
11. Go to the bathroom in nature
12. Stay up all night and then watch the sunrise
13. Learn to pilot a sailboat
14. Fall asleep to the sound of the ocean surf
15. Do something illegal
16. Ride an elephant
17. Climb an ancient ruin in Central America
18. Visit a beer garden in Germany
19. Climb to the top of the cathedral in Cologne, Germany
20. See a very famous painting in real life
21. Have a conversation with a homeless person
22. See a show on Broadway
23. Go on a cruise
24. Be in a parade
25. Go on a date to another state, on a whim
26. Play in the rain after you’re too old to get away with it
27. Cross the Golden Gate Bridge
28. Get locked into a cell at Alcatraz
29. Hike part of the Oregon Trail
30. Go snorkeling
31. Go on a “Ghost Walk”
32. Sing karaoke
33. Hug a stranger
34. Stand in two states at once
35. Spit off Hoover Dam
36. Record an original song
37. Send a message in a bottle
38. Zip-line through the rainforest
39. Go white-water rafting
40. Cook something you’ve grown or raised yourself
41. Play a didgeree doo
42. Cut your own hair
43. Help out at a soup kitchen
44. Jump in a pile of leaves in Autumn
45. Be CPR-certified
46. Ride in a limousine
47. Write a letter to a famous person you admire
48. Spend time alone in a country where you have to speak the native language
49. Ballroom dance
50. Be part of a Renaissance Faire
51. Eat nothing but junk food for an entire day
52. Go cruising on a busy street at night
53. Make friends with a drag queen
54. Have a movie marathon…watch all of the movies in a particular series, one after the other (Indiana Jones, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Land Before Time, Back to the Future, Star Wars, etc…)
55. Assist in the delivery of a baby
56. Have a Brit compliment me on my British accent
57. Be awoken with a kiss
58. Keep an updated blog for more than a year
59. Finish at least one volume of a journal
60. Get a picture that I drew put on the wall at Jamba Juice
61. Win a contest of some sort
62. Walk through down-town Manhattan during rush hour
63. Eat an authentic ball park hot dog at a major league baseball game
64. Set off illegal explosives
65. Walk around the house completely naked for at least an afternoon
66. Play Dungeons and Dragons
67. Touch a moon rock
68. See Dorothy’s ruby slippers
69. Attend a Star Trek convention
70. Read a book almost strictly so that you can brag about it
71. Be in an Independent Film
72. Sing in an a cappella group
73. Spend an entire day in silence
74. Participate in a food fight
75. See the Lincoln Memorial


Willie Ziebell said...

Looks like I have a few things to add to my to-do list now.

Anonymous said...

57. Be awoken with a kiss

I'll be that was me ... ;-)

Love you!

isha said...

you are soooo much cooler than i am liz... lol
love you!

Guy Mayhem said...

Alright, this list is mega. I'm glad you took me up on the challenge. It's fun, makes you feel good about yourself.

Here's the ones of yours, I plan on accomplishing:

Numbers 16, 19, 38, 47

Number 70 is the only reason I read books.