Saturday, August 02, 2008

The Bucket List

FlatSided Buckets

This past week, my friend Carrie and I each made a list of things we'd like to do before we "kick the bucket" (a la the Morgan Freeman/Jack Nickolson movie). Silly-ish movie, but based on a good idea. The list can be of realistic goals or crazy wishes, but here's mine. I'm glad I'm getting a fairly early start on it; I've already got a few marked off. I'll let you know throughout the years how I'm doing.


Spend the night in jail (for something that won’t go on my permanent record)

Kiss a stranger

Go a week in silence

Perform a stand-up comedy routine

Be in a rock band (perform on stage in an awesome show somewhere)

Join the Peace Corps or a similar organization and volunteer in a third world country

√ Skinny-dip

Play the Plant in “Little Shop of Horrors”

Sneak out with a boy that threw rocks at my window

Learn to juggle

Dye my hair black

Pose as a nude model

See the Northern Lights

Stage a fight in a really really ritzy restaurant with a guy, which ends in me throwing a glass of water in his face and storming out

√ Flash someone from a moving car

Publish my poetry (in a literary journal or magazine)

Play Peter Pan in “Peter Pan”

Perform in “Guitars Unplugged” and/or “Acoustic CafĂ©” at BYU-Idaho

Get a second piercing (ears)

√ Have someone offer to buy me a drink in a bar

Completely redecorate a room

Audition for “The Actor’s Studio”

Kiss someone at midnight on New Year’s

Have a letter to the editor published

√ Milk a cow

Volunteer at Sundance Film Festival

See every movie on the AFI Top 100 Films of All Time List

Back-pack Europe

Road-trip the United States (at least part of that on a motorcycle)

Get paid to DJ an event

√ Live alone in my own apartment

Live in New York City

Make friends with someone famous that I admire

Be a bridesmaid for a close friend

√ Sleep under the stars

See a bear in the wild in Yellowstone National Park (I've lived in West Yellowstone for two whole summers, and NEVER seen a bear!)

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