Wednesday, October 19, 2005

I felt bad having him just come bring the cake, so I invited his entire apartment over for dinner.

This is my friend Chris--isn't he cool!? I've got to say, the one night I swing-danced with him was one of the funnest nights of my life. I had more fun dancing with him than with anyone else I've ever danced with. Even Scott, State Junior Ballroom Champion, and Jared. Sorry, guys, but it's the truth. Chris is just crazy talented and fun to dance with. And he's wearing cool suspenders in this pic.
Guess what happens this weekend? The Official Jen-Turns-19 48-hour extravaganza!!! Her birthday is conveniently on a Sunday this year, so we're going to start partying on Saturday afternoon, with festivities continuing until Sunday night. Saturday afternoon includes some sort of fun, we don't know what yet. Saturday night we're going to go see "The Guys" on campus, and then we're going to make a fort in the living room and watch movies and eat ice-cream all night. Sunday we'll go to church, and then have a nice big fancy dinner, and then cake and presents. Even though we're already making her a cake, our friend Travis decided that he'd make her one too. The quote I used for a title is what Jenny said to Jen the other day about it. But all the boys coming over are indescribably fun, so I look forward to it.
Last night, I didn't get to sleep until 4am. This is because I spent several hours planning a haunted house, hearing a creepy and true ghost story from my friend LoriBeth right after it happened to her, and watching "The Sixth Sense." I'd never seen that movie before, and even though it creeped me out a little bit, it was really good, and I'd never seen it before, so I kept watching it. And then thinking about it kept me up all night. Especially since LoriBeth had just told me the following story. (Oooh, I get chills just thinking about it....)
She's the stage manager for "The Guys," which is currently running in the Kirkham Arena theatre. She was the last one there and had just finished turning off all the lights and locking up the theatre, and was on her way home. Before she got far, though, she remembered that she had left something in the light/sound booth, so she went back. It was a little spooky anyway, because security had already come and locked up the building and there was no one else there. She used her stage manager keys to let herself in, went up the lightbooth, turned on the light and grabbed her stuff. As she was leaving, she flicked off the light and happened to look into the theatre. It was pitch-dark, and she had already closed the theatre up, and not even work lights were on. But she saw someone sitting in the audience, in the very middle of the row. She did a double-take, thinking her eyes were playing tricks on her, but there was definitely someone/something there. LoriBeth said she was too freaked out to stand there and study the figure, but she said it was of a girl, wearing a skirt, and that she was all white and looked lit up. She was just sitting there, sort of staring straight ahead. Even though all the lights were off. She booked it out of the theatre and was still a little shaky when I ran into her and she told me the story. This is also interesting, because "The Guys," the show that's running in that theatre right now, is about Sept. 11th, and a reporter and a fireman who are working to find out all they can about the rescue workers and firemen that were killed in the attack, to write their eulogies. *Shiver*
This is turning out to be quite the Halloween-y post, isn't it? I'm also really excited about the haunted house that theatre council is building for the Halloween carnival. It's in part of the Hart building, in a few old locker rooms that are never used. The theme is "classic movies," so we wanted to call it "Hollywood Hell," but since this is BYU-I, we're calling it "Hollywood Limbo" instead. For Jen, Jenny, or anyone else who actually plans on going to the haunted house, don't read the next paragraph.

It's sort of a guided tour thing, but when you first walk in, there's a guy with his back to everyone, but when he turns around, he's the guy from "The Fly." Then you have to walk through this sort of maze thing full of bugs and creepy crawly noises and textures, and when you get out, there's an old movie actress behind a screen who's all murdered and yelling at everyone. You proceed through a doorway of slime, and there's a polyester scrim thingy to your left that people are pushing on with their faces and hands (like in the Pink Floyd peice from Modern Dance at South a few years ago). The guide will tell you to push through the door, and you'll enter what we've fondly dubbed "The Room of Carnage." There will be bloody handprints everywhere and maybe a few body parts--arms and feet--and then you'll hear the "vrrrzzzmmm" of a chain saw start! Around the corner comes the Texas Chainsaw Massacre Man! He comes right up to the group and when he stops the chainsaw, he licks some of the blood off of it and makes a creepy face or something, and then the guide hurries you into the "Willy Wonka crawl space." It's really short, but we're going for the creepy tunnel effect from the movie when they're on the river boat. When you come out, you find yourself in front of a shower. (Convenient locker room, eh?) This is a little hard to explain, but there's going to be a curtain and the shower running, with an actress standing there lit from behind (she'll be wearing a bathing suit), so you see her sillouette. Then you'll see the shadow of someone creeping up and then stabbing her! We'll have screams and the "Psycho" theme playing, and we're trying to figure out a way to splatter blood on the curtain. Then you'll continue on and see a little "Noseferatu" scene with all this crazy-scientist stuff all around. The guide will take you into the next room, and past a guy who's wrapped in spiderwebs who's plastered to the wall. As you turn the corner, you'll hear someone banging on the lockers ahead of you, and creepy clown music. There will be a couple creepy evil clowns making faces and laughing, and we're hoping to find a ventriloquist dummy somewhere too. You turn a corner, and there you'll see, standing on a little platform, a girl standing in a prom dress and covered with blood, with a bloody bucket hanging from the ceiling above her, a la "Carrie," staring angrily at everyone. You walk past her to the end of the hallway, where there's a little kid's tricycle, with it's wheels spinning of their own accord. And then you're chased out! How much fun is that?! Since I'm helping plan it, that also means I get to choose who I want to be, and I'm tentatively cast as "Carrie." If they can't find someone who's comfortable in a bathing suit behind a curtain, then I might do that. I'm really excited.

Today's been kind of an interesting day...I started out with Alba first thing this morning and we did the crazy-weirdest mix: Fear/Joy. It was trippy. I've got to go to work in about an hour, but tomorrow's my last day, so I can endure it well.
This week has simply flown by. I can't wait for Jen's birthday!

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