Sunday, October 16, 2005

Quick, Robin!

Hey hey hey, so I've got one ending submitted for the pen story. It's a good ending, but ya'll are disappointing me here. Come on, you budding creative writers, set yourselves free!
Yo, I've got about 600 more pictures from New York. I won't post all of them, for shizzle, but there are a couple that are pretty priceless that I will post. But I won't post them right now because I don't have a lot of memory left on my Flickr account for this month so I shall post them at a later point in time. A.K.A. November.
Jen turnes 19 in a week or so--yippee! How weird. I'm a year older than she is. Bizarr-o.
Wow, I'm just rambling here aren't I? I've been vowing to go to bed earlier, but I keep staying up and reading until 3am. This morning I forced myself to get up at 10:00 regardless of the fact that I didn't have to be anywhere until 2pm, just to try to get my body back into a semi-normal sleeping pattern. But know what that means? That means that today is punchy tired day! I CAN'T nap, so that I'll go to bed earlier and actually be tired. But in the meantime, everything's all like "buddle buddle" and stuff.
HEY! EXCITING STORY! Here's a fabulous reality for ya. Last night during my break from work at Wal*mart, I had this enormous milkshake craving, so I counted my spare change and went across the street to Jack in the Box. I got my milkshake and I'm walking out of the place, when I hear a somewhat familiar voice. I keep walking, but I glance around to see who I might recognize. There, in a seat at a table by the door is BRYAN WAGGNER! (I think I totally botched the spelling of your last name...) I stopped and said "Omigosh! Bryan?!" He looked at me and said "Oh my heck. Liz." We hugged and chatted for a little while, and it was so awesome! I couldn't talk long, cause I had to go back to work, but it was fabulous to see him.
For those of you who don't know who the heck I'm talking about, Bryan is a friend from high school. He was a sophomore when I graduated, and I haven't seen him since then really. That's like a year and a half or two years or something like that. He's an awesome kid...we were in choir together, seminary together, his sister and I did a play together, and the two of them are the ones who first introduced me to the Aquabats, for which I am forever in their debt. He's also best friends with Jordan Wright, who happens to be my best friend Jen's cousin. How surreal is that?!
I just noticed that I have to go finish getting ready here, so I have to stop rambling. Bye!

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Beckah said...

Oh my goodness gosh! I can't believe you saw BRYAN! Is he going to school there or something? That would be neat. Wow, I stayed home after lunch and slept a lot and I really can't type so I'm going to answer your e-mail later. But love you, and can't wait to talk to you again, or see you!