Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Okay, duck-whisperer, listen up!

I've been feeling somewhat maternal the last few days, so I decided the picture for today would be of the last time I was a mother. This is me as Myrtle Web in BYU-Idaho's production of "Our Town" last April, with my children Emily (Melissa Wolf) and Wally (Sam somethin). Check out my wicked large wig. Anyway.
Happy Independence Day, everyone! And Happy Late Canada Day to all my pals up in Calgary! To celebrate the birth of the great U.S. of A. last night, a group of us hiked up a mountain butte thing and roasted marshmellows and lit sparklers and watched the fireworks over the whole valley. It was awesome, and since it was clear that night, you could see so many stars it made your head reel. It was also fun because I managed to make Brant laugh, along with everyone else, and I love making people laugh.
AND glory hallelujiah I have today and tomorrow off of work! Which is all the more fabulous 'cause it means the rest of the ICS crew can deal with the ridiculous amount of freight in Walmart. Over the course of 4 days, we usually get an average of 3,200 peices of freight...about 1,500 a day, give and take a few. Over the last 4 days, we have gotten 9,100 peices of freight. I left 10 minutes early yesterday, because by that time, Tim and Annie and I all said "All I know is that I have tomorrow off so I don't CARE what happens to all this crap it can burn to the ground at least then there'd be room to walk in the warehouse." And then we left. Thanks for the ride home, Rosa and Tim.
I was thinking the other day, as I sat on my bed and ate my blueberry and cream crepes, that the word "blueberry" is somewhat of a misnomer. Blueberries aren't BLUE. They're really quite purple. I thought to myself "These things should be called 'purpleberries'!" All at once I was paralyzed by the bizarre idea...what would the world be like if we had all grown up saying "purpleberry"? The word sounds slightly ridiculous, but if that's the only word we knew, we would probably think the word "blueberry" sounded dumb. But think about it! How would the world be different? It totally blew my mind and I sat and thought about for, like, 1/2 hour. When I told my friend Annie about the experience the next day, she just smiled at me and said "I don't think the world would be that different." I DISAGREE! Although, looking back and trying to expain my thought process makes me wonder about the purity of those blueberries.
Speaking of purity, I have recently developed a new love. I finally found a copy of the illusive album "Swagger" by the Irish group Flogging Molly. They are so rocksome! They do punked up covers of cool old Irish jigs and drinking songs. Can bands get much better than this? I submit that they canNOT!
Anyway, I love you all, and I totally forgot all the other stuff I was going to blog about. Jen, totally buy the t-shirt. And thanks for finding out about umbilical cords! Beckah and co. the Bay Area, hello and love you.
OH, I remembered the other thing I was going to blog about! My roomate and dear friend's SURGERY! But at the moment, my writing abilities have transformed into a desire to watch the movie "East of Eden," so that story will have to wait until the next blog.


J-E-N said...

There would so be a difference! Take the flavour blue-raspberry for instance. You can't have purple-raspberry, they are both too similar in colour and if mixed they would be a nasty brown and it would remind kids of poo and the candy business would well, go out of business! But I guess if that was the way it was to begin with then...then my head explodes.
Love you tons!

Beckah said...

Uh........yeah. I love you too! Did you catch on fire, cause I don't think that fourth of July is complete until I've lit something that's attached to me on fire now. It's quite fun actually. Anyway, talk to me sometime, you elusive monster!