Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Marriage is the part of life that has more blessings, it's just noisier.

Congratulations to Jen and Jason, who were recently married for time and all eternity! Mazel tov to the happy couple--aren't they adorable?

JUST KIDDING! Sorry, Jen, I probably shouldn't have announced your marriage to the whole world wide web, especially since it didn't happen in reality AT ALL. However, a real sincere not-kidding-this-time congrats to Andy Donkin and Shilo don't-know-her-last-name-but-now-its-Donkin-anyway! They really were sealed for time and all eternity in the Portland Oregon Temple on July 3rd. "Comic Frenzy" is slowly shrinking in size. Unfortunately, there's no one to blame for this sad phenomenon because the reason people are leaving is because of marriage or graduation, neither of which are bad things. I shall miss the Andy element of "CF" though. Here, a short tribute to the Donkin-meister!

"Toothpaste--not just a paste for your teeth!"

"Don't talk to me that way! Cause my pelvis is a machine gun!"

"182 sporks walk into a bar. Bartender looks at them and says 'Forkin' spoons'!"

And one of my all-time favorite memories of Andy..."I have here Broulim's finest non-alcoholic wine..."

Pop-up Storybook will never be the same. But let's not play "Taps" about it or anything, the guy's MARRIED! Mazel tov!
I predict that there will be approximately 3 engagements within the theatre dept. of BYU-Idaho within this next school year. Between the few that seem pretty likely and the few that seem possible, I think 3 is a good number to guess. Let's see how accurate I am, eh?

Okay, now that the happiness has been blogged about, I've got to dash it all a little bit with this bit of tragic news. Sunday afternoon, my friend and roomate Ella tripped on the steps in church (some doofus turned the lights off--talk about a freak accident!) and severely broke her ankle. She was rushed to the E.R., had x-rays taken, and found out that surgery was needed to repair the damage they found and to find out if any more damage was caused that they couldn't detect. At about 4pm, she was wheeled in, and 3 hours later, came out with a steel plate and 8 screws in her foot. She was pretty drugged and her blood pressure had been pretty high during the surgery, so they kept her overnight, with a morphine drip and oxygen and hourly blood pressure tests and the whole works. We girls stayed with her almost the whole time. I got off of work at 6pm and went straight to the hospital, where we stayed pretty much until 7 the next morning. So yeah, I got about 3 hours of sleep on a hospital room floor that night. And then worked 8 hours the next day. If you are ever given the opportunity to do that, totally take it. (What?! Who said that?)
Anyway, there's that scoop, and though she REALLY doesn't want to, she's probably going to fly home to California for a week or two for the follow-up appointments and everything. Shmer. (That's the new word for...uhm...a whining noise. You say "shmer" instead of actually groaning or making a similar unhappy noise.)
Well, I should probably shower. If I want to get married myself someday, I've heard that good personal hygiene is usually a plus. Some days showering just seems like a waste of time, though, you know? Shmer on cleanliness.


J-E-N said...

I'm shaking from having to hold in my laughter at work. I miss Comic Frenzy! A pox upon small and quiet offices!
I don't mind you showing our wedding picture. We didn't get around to sending out invitations anyway...
I hope Ella is getting better! Yikes! Your guys' room sucks for injuries and impairments. Hooray for synonyms.

Beckah said...

Ah! I liked Andy, he was cool. I miss Comic Renzy (renzy? add an "f" to the beginning of that word) too. It totally rocked. I haven't laughed that hard since....well, since my appendix burst out of my belly button from laughing so hard. Speaking of injuries, I hope that Ella will be all right! Dang staircases! They always seem to be out to get someone.