Friday, July 01, 2005

"That doesn't say much for your love life now, does it?"

The above is a wonderful discovery of one of the coolest shirts ever! (Jen, I would like you to pay particular attention to the t-shirt in the top right-hand corner on that website...)
The above quote is something my friend Tim said to me at work today while we were stocking cleaning supplies. I was attempting to put the cap back on an aerosol can of Lysol, but because I am intelligent but not very coordinated, I was having a little difficulty. Everytime I tried to get the cap back on, it would spray everywhere. At one point, I didn't realize where the can was pointing and managed to spray some disinfectant into my mouth. So I'm coughing and spitting and laughing, and meanwhile my co-worker is just watching with amusement. The following is our conversation:

LIZ: GAH! *pphhttt*ppht* I got it in my MOUTH!

TIM: Well, your tongue is now disinfected.

LIZ: Yeah, it's now free of (reading Lysol can label) bacteria, viruses, mold and mildew.

TIM: Mold on your tongue? That doesn't say much for your love life now, does it?

At that point, I dropped the can of Lysol and just sat on the floor and laughed. At least my tongue has never been bruised.

So, we went and saw War of the Worlds tonight. We decided it should be a girls night out, but when we got there and got into the movie, we thought to ourselves "Why didn't we bring boys to cling to in the suspense?" In spite of the lack of boys, the movie was AWESOME. I loved it. It had its flaws, like any movie does, but given the fact that it was origonally a book, I thought it was adapted very well. I highly recommend it. Only make sure you bring a member of the opposite sex to cling to during suspenseful parts. Unless of course, you want an objective, non-distracted movie-viewing experience.
Anyway, not much to blog about this evening, so I leave you with this fine gem of knowledge and wisdom:

"Service is like peeing your pants...everyone else notices, but you're the only one who gets that warm feeling."


J-E-N said...

Hahahahahahahaha! That's all needs be said.

Derek said...

I been to that website before. I like the second amendment shirt!

Beckah said...

Wow. That is advice for life. That rocks. Um, rock on. And I did the first one. Shirt that is.