Friday, January 28, 2005

Wonder of Wonders, Miracle of Miracles...we could use some of those about now!

No more injuries allowed! No cuts, scrapes, bruises, twists, sprains, fractures, breaks, aches or pains of any kind will be permitted from now on! I don't want to hear about so much as a papercut! Exceptions will not even be made for splinters or stubbed toes!

We have now had hospitalization-level injuries 4 flipping times in the past week. Mandi (Hodel) broke her arm somewhere near her elbow slipping on the ice, Sarah (Ensemble) severely sprained her ankle during the wedding scene onstage a few nights ago, Tara (Accompanist and the director's daughter) fell stepping into the orchestra pit and severely sprained her ankle the day before yesterday, and last night Bonnie (Ensemble) fell during "Tradition" and fractured her ankle. I think I'm done with injuries. Especially with those relating to ankles. We had tech rehearsal last night, with the origonal intent of getting through the whole show. I was there from 6pm and didn't leave the theatre until 12:30 am, and we almost got done with the first act! We got through 8 out of 19 scenes total. So now, our entire rehearsal scedule is thrown off, which is especially inconvenient during this phase of rehearsal because we're bringing in the orchestra. But, never fear! The show will be ready and fabulous by the time we open in 6 days. I was chatting with Bro. Hyrum after rehearsal last night, and he made a comment about how he's not sure when we'll get a lot of things done, so I looked at him and said "We have 7 days...miracles can happen." He laughed and said "They can, and they frequently do, it's just that I would have liked to know we would have been okay without them."
The comforting thing is that I remember thinking that same thing for almost every single show I've been in, and the miracles ALWAYS happen. So, armed with my techie blacks and a headset, I shall join my brothers and sisters in Zion, and work with all my might to make them miracles come to pass! Nothing can stop us! We may be fighting conflicting schedules, lack of sleep, and a mysterious Curse of Injured Ankles, but such trifles shall be dwarfed by the glory of the miracles that had darn well better come to pass before Feb 3rd at 7:30pm. Wish us luck!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Lizzie,
Good luck with Fiddler on the Roof. We loved it a lot. It is somewhat nervrecking to read about the trial and tribulations you are going through. It sounds like your Mom in her work as a music director.
Love you a lot, Oma and Opa