Sunday, February 06, 2005

Nothing like a nice beer to take the edge off a Sunday fast...

Survey of the century:
This applies to anyone between the ages 13 and 30, who is unmarried. Which do you think about more, food or members of the opposite sex?

My roomates and I have been having this debate for a few weeks now. Alexis, when she was asked tonight what makes girls tick, she replied promptly "Boys and food." We all laughed, but the more I think about it, the more truth there is to that statement. But in that particular order, boys then food? Or do you actually think about food more often? I suppose this question has two often and how intensely do you think about the two.
As for myself, I can't honestly decide. Here's the thing, I think about people I know quite often and intensely, some of whom happen to be boys. Does that count? Oh, disclaimer: Boys and food aren't the ONLY things I think about. My waking hours (and occasionally my sleeping ones) are occupied with thoughts of nobler and more worthwhile things from time to time. But that's not what we're discussing. I think about food whenever I'm hungry and whenever I'm eating it, at least, and occasionally when I'm not. I think about boys when I'm talking to them, or about them. But I honestly can't figure out a way to measure which I think about more.

So what about you all to whom this applies? Any unmarried readers between the ages of 13 and 30, which do you think about more often, food or members of the opposite sex?

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