Monday, December 13, 2004

Think about it, won't you?

This blog is devoted to several ponderable questions. All are simple things that I'm surprised have taken me this long to think about. I haven't found the answers yet, so if you do, make a comment and let me know.

#1) Do twins share a placenta while in the womb? Or do they get separate ones?
#2) Can fish get rigamortis?
#3) Is Hugh Jackman's wife the actress who plays David's mother in Disney's "Newsies"?
#4) Was the voice of Ursula in Disney's "The Little Mermaid" done by a man?
#5) What's the point of a bee having a stinger if they die after stinging you anyhow?
#6) Why has America for centuries thought of tomatoes as vegetables even though everyone knows they're fruits? Why is they fact that they're fruits weird to us?

Ponder these 6 questions, research them, examine them, and then let me know, only because I think it will be more fun for you to do than for me to do. Plus it's finals week.


Jen the Pen said...

I found this out:
"Fishermen have reported that progression of rigor mortis in fish can be delayed by destruction of the spinal cord, and attempts to verify this experimentally are now being conducted in fisheries."
And from that I submit that Fish get rigor mortis.

Anonymous said...

Oh! Oh! I know the answer! Pick me! Pick me!
The answer to #4 is YES.

Not to embarrass you, so this is from someone who happily reads all your blogs, has known you all your life on this earth and even before, and who definitely knows about placentas.