Tuesday, December 21, 2004

I'm justa bloggin fool!

Holiday greetings, all! I've spent the last couple of days here in the San Fransisco bay area, visiting me mum and her side of the family. Beckah and I got to fly here from Boise all by our grown-up selves, which trip was filled with adventures of all shapes and sizes. The most memorable things from the flight were the ugliest dog we have ever seen being stuffed (like, literally, stuffed) into a carry-on bag and a really funny guy who kinda looked like Albert from the Strokes, and he was so happily excited about the littlest things. ("They weren't taking a flight, they just went to the airport to have a picnic!!!!! And to watch the airplanes! Isn't that great???!!!!!!!") Other announcements, I've got good news and bad news. Bad news first...for all you Medford-and-surrounding-area-ites, I don't know if I'll be able to make it out there to visit this Christmas! I want to cry! I'm still trying to find a way, but I just don't know if it will happen, and if it does, I don't how. Wah. Meh. Gah.
Good news! Actually, I don't know if it's exactly good news, but just a fun announcement, and I'm really excited about it, so I share it with you all now. By the end of this Christmas vacation, I will have my web-page posted and running! There will be a link on there to this blog, so I plan on keeping it up. Other features will include:

Fun links

and lots more! I will post and e-mail everyone the address as soon as I've decided it. I don't know, Ma, I'm starting to have my qualms about "www.jurassicfart.com"...well, it's still really funny. OKAY! Here's the deal! Mission for all of you!

What do you think of the name
www.jurassicfart.com ?
Approve? Disapprove? Do you have any other funny ideas? I'm trying to stick with the dinosaur theme. Post a comment and let me know!

Tootles all!


Jen the Pen said...

Seeing as I'm usually the one that comments I thought I'd do my "obligation" and say something.
OHHHH I just got it! Jurassic Fart, haha. Well, it's shorter than lizandthescreamingtyrannosaurusrexs.com.
I miss you! Happy Christmas!

Jen the Pen said...

(p.s. Have you gone to jurassicfart.com?? it's an actual website, and I don't trust any website with a link labelled "warts". This may cause problems.)

Anonymous said...

Wow, Lizzy, you're so grown up! Riding big airplanes all by yourself and everything. Good girl, now go wipe your nose ;) Hey, I miss you tons!!! And might I add what a friggin awesome date idea it would be to go to an airport to have a picnic and watch airplanes take off. I have an idea for a web name, but I think I'll have to tell you it offline, depending on who reads your sassy blog, just imagining what sorts of people are privy to the information provided. Sassy- good word, eh? Oh sucky! Guess what? We've been making the biggest malapropism ever!!! The word vex really isnt what we think it means. While we think it means confusing, it really means to irritate or annoy. I guess it still works, and I still like to use it. So, to integrate it all, how about tyrannosaurusvex.com? no, too lame. I actually like Jen's facetious suggestion...By the way, did this albert look-alike at the airport have any commonalities with mr. converses? cuz if so, i'm insanely jealous! Okay, this is a crazy long comment, but it compensates for all of the other ones I've neglected. Merry Christmas! Jesus loves you...and I think you're all right, too. :) The Lexinator

Willie Z said...

Whaaat? Not coming to visit! Well, that's no good at all. COME BACK TO US, LIZ!