Thursday, May 17, 2012

There was a misunderstanding between my mouth and my brain.

This morning as I was flipping through the quotebook(s) to try and figure out the name of that one Walmart employee who once said something about accordion music was*, I remembered how many gems there are in these quotebooks. Some of which have not yet made it onto the blog. So, here.


 “Wait, you have eclipse glasses? I want eclipse glasses!.......Unless they're just sunglasses that you wear during an eclipse. In which case, I have some.” – Beckah

 "I found the car AND the market! I'm doing so good! Most of the time, I'm like 'Are we on the moon?'" - Annie

Liz: I love "Kick the Can"! Wait, how do you guys play it?
Dave: I get a can. And I kick it.

Jacob: What is this?
Laura: It's honey. I made it.
Jacob: How?
Laura: I'm a bee.

"When I was 6, I was always like, 'I'm 6. Let's read my 6 book.' And then I turned 7 and I was like, 'I can whistle now. I don't need this book.'" - Camilla

"If it's nice tomorrow, I'll probably be running around campus. I have an extra bubble-wand if anyone wants to join me." -Kyrie

Kristin: Kolby, you look so sad.
Kolby: I don't look sad. I look like a nun.

Liz: Now we're like an Anne Geddes photo. Like some babies.
Jacob: Except we're not dressed as ladybugs.

"I get the crocodile suitcase?! Oh, I am adventurous, aren't I?" -Dave

Bro Bates: Kelly, we're going to get you a fan, for that scene when you're talking to David.
Kelly: Good. I need it.
Nick: Who doesn't need a fan when talking to David?

Exiting from her parents bedroom:
"They told me I was a great disappointment to them and then gave me lots of money." - Laura

Jerry: I just don't think your personality should come out of a bottle of bleach.
Kieffer: Maybe I'm the kind of guy who wants to talk about hair for a while.

"It's so hard having the audience on three sides. I feel like a father trying to feed three hungry kids, and all I have is one piece of celery." - Richard


"I would totally be a vampire if I didn't like garlic so much." - Chalise

Ben: I wish I'd brought my sunglasses. The sun is hurting me.
JD: Well, maybe you should sit where the sun don't shine!
Ben: What are you talking about? Like, up your butt?
JD: Preferably up someone else's butt.
Ben: Good, 'cause there's not much room with that stick up yours.
JD: Remove the mote from thine own butt!

"My dad went to high school with a serial killer. No, I'm serious! He killed my grandma's Avon lady!" - Jesse

Liz: Today was a fun adventure.
Sarah: Yeah, it was a fun little invitational.
Liz: What's an invitational?
Sarah: I think it has something to do with tennis.

* Robin

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Star Child said...

I really wish I could see your old quote books. They must full of fabulous, old memories.