Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother. You Rock.

Yesterday was Mother's Day. And that's when this post was SUPPOSED to be posted. But did youtube cooperate? No.

Anyway, here's a song for mother's day. Jacob wrote it, and I added a few bits and helped with lyrics. While he wrote it with his mom in mind, it still holds true for my other moms as well -- Mom herself and Mary. And also Oma. And Grandma Fraughton. And Cindy. (Except for the small in stature bit -- that's not true of my mom. She's tall. But her heart is a big big thing, as the lyrics say.)

Jacob: guitar, vocals
Dave Martinez: guitar, vocals
Liz: egg-shaker, vocals
Daniel n Adele Johnson, Camilla, Anna, Laura: vocals

(Also, this song is part of Jacob's "Song A Day" series. He's writing a song a day for a month. And so far, it's unlocking all kinds of creativity. Check it out here. I especially recommend "Sick, but not sick of my guitar" -- written when he had a cold, "Wish You Were Wise," and "Helene Cixous." And "Chimney-Sweep Sally." And "Aliens," which is deliciously freaky.)

MOMS. YOU REALLY RULE. Love love love you.