Friday, March 23, 2012

To Do: Summer 2012

I'm a list-oriented person. A to-do list person. (In case you couldn't tell.) Anyway, with spring in the air, and summer on its way, and with the Semester Of Insanity nearing a close, I've got plans to do all sorts of things that I've been wanting to do and meaning to do and just haven't had time or the cooperation of the weather.

That was one of the longest sentences I've ever blogged.

Anyway, wanna know my plans for the months of April and May?

First, turning our little roof-top porch area into something like this: 

And, inspired by these,

I'm building a small DVD bookshelf out of pallet wood. The 2-foot tall rolling nightstand thing we're currently using ain't cutting it anymore.

Oh, and on May 4th? I'm playing a role in the steampunk operetta Argentine. It was written by a gem of a girl named Trina, whom I already adore, and I'm having a hard time believing that I get this opportunity.

So if you're in Rexburg on May 4th, head over to Sammy's. And if you're not in Rexburg, come to Rexburg.

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Beckah said...

NO! WHY? I just read the blog about "Argentine" and now I really really really want to see it! But I can't. :( Maybe you and Jacob can give us a sampler?

WV: "Theculd is hurting my sideta."