Tuesday, March 27, 2012

i thank You God for most this amazing day

1. Enchanted April. What a blessing to be surrounded by friends, doing an incredible show on an incredible set with incredible costumes, etc. It's a beautiful story, and I'm honored to be part of its telling. (Plus, things like this happen backstage, which delight me.) (Also, this picture isn't of the whole cast, but Jacob looks like a cartoon character from the turn of the century, so I posted it.)

2. Sunshine. Did you know it was 68 degrees on Saturday? I tried to do homework on my roof that afternoon, but I spend two hours staring in happiness at the sky instead.

3. Amoxicillin. Just in time for Enchanted April, my yearly sinus infection has made its appearance! But I'm glad I have access to antibiotics.

4. The lads from Liverpool. Jacob and I are experiencing a "Beatles Renaissance" at the moment. Our friend Dave let us borrow a 5-disc anthology documentary thing on them, and we've been watching it in increments each weekend. Jacob is currently smitten with "Your Mother Should Know," and I'm currently in love with the White Album. Also, did you know Ringo Starr is playing a show in Salt Lake in July? On July 11th, to be precise. The day after Jacob and I's 2-year anniversary. I'm thinking it would be a good way to celebrate...

5. The creativity of friends. This is my favorite onesie from my friend Carrie's new business venture, "Little Treetops." It's a response to all the people who say "What a cute baby!" The onesie says "Thank you. I am also smart." I love that. Way to shift the phallogocentric paradigm. Carrie designed all the artwork for the personality onesies, and the stuff she creates is always fantastic. (Case in point: She also created that baby, too.)

6. This fact. A week and a half, people. (Okay, and then like 8 more months while I take a break over the summer and then do student teaching before I actually get my degree. But still. No more undergrad class work. Ever. In a week and a half.) (BTW, that image is a snippet of my graduation announcement, designed by the oh-so-talented Kieffer McBride. He did a FANTASTIC job realizing my vision.)


Camilla said...

Do you have your student teaching placement yet? Please say you're going to Sugar like I did. Please!?!?

Also, "Martha My Dear" is my fav. song from the White Album. Just thought you should know :)

Anonymous said...

oh no!!!!!!!! addresses(?) misspell? is it spelt that way for permanent?

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