Thursday, August 25, 2011

Rexburg is warmer than California?!

That's true. It is. At least it was during the week we were in the Bay Area. But we're back! It was a wonderful trip, and it FLEW by...I think it was the busiest, most packed trip to California I've ever experienced.

Here are some of my favorite moments (in no particular order):

- Driving out to Bodega Dunes with Beckah and Jacob, listening to the Punch Brothers and Regina Spektor (and of course, the B-52's...classic Whittaker road trip music)
- Hiking to the beach (which took forever) with Beckah and Jacob after setting up camp (which included running down sand dunes) at Bodega Dunes (which also, incidentally, took forever to get to)
- Beckah and Jacob attempting to roll a log into the ocean, which task Jacob took up with more life-endangering fervor after Beckah had moved on to something else
- "Stalking" mom at the beach, which included sneaking behind logs and driftwood and drawing strategy maps in the sand, and ended with us storming her with war-like yells as she serenely looked over the ocean
- Watching the "French" monkeys (they're called francois somethings) at the SF zoo...playful and acrobatic things
- Beckah eating a See's peanut butter truffle after I had dropped it on the dirty downtown San Francisco sidewalk, despite my warnings that she would probably get a disease and die
- Kissing Jacob while standing inside a giant redwood in Muir Woods
- Hiking our butts off in Muir Woods (we bought new butts later)
- Jacob and I jamming Beatles and oldies with Ray and Mom (Jacob - guitar, Ray - bass, Mom and me - percussion and vocals)
- Eating wurst (brats) outside and listening to the Wolff family talk (and occasionally argue) in English and German
- Playing (and watching family play) frisbee on the beach
- Wandering downtown SF with Jacob and Beckah after the zoo, even though everything was closed and it was sort of freezing

And here are some of my favorite pictures (in no particular order):

(Have I mentioned how much I love our camera? There are also some wonderful ones of Mom and Beckah and I, but I'm going to edit 'em before sharing 'em.) Anyway, until next time, CA. Now I'm off to sleep for a week and have my wisdom teeth extracted.

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