Sunday, August 14, 2011

Flowers in our hair

To Pack:

- Camping tent
- Sleeping bags
- Clothes for a week (don't forget pajamas...I always forget pajamas)
- Good book or two
- Chargers (cell phone, gps, ipod)
- Beatles sheet music
- Wallet
- Plane tickets
- Cell phone
- iPod
- Camera
- Toiletries/meds
- Tanning oil
- Swimsuit
- Towel
- Snacks
- Sunglasses
- A sense of adventure

See you in a week! 


mallosaurus said...

ooo fun! i loooove CA. and that's so funny about our thing with breakfast food... i woke up at 1:00 the other day (long night) and matt offered me his pizza but I was like "ew no, toast please"... haha

Beckah said...

No, I'll see you in ONE DAY! Ha Ha!

Word verification: "bacess" - a dyslexic abcess.

Jaggers Brain said...

Wait... now I'm really sad, how long will you be in Cali? Cuz I will be in Concord on Thursday...

I'm making my grumpy face because I think I will miss you and Jacob.

amature bloggist said...

real fun
beckah is gud at words
guys shall thanks u 4 map

Anonymous said...

I just want to share the word verification: buyboo. I don't want to make up a definition ... I just like the way it sounds. Buyboo .... buyboo ...


Marika-xoxo said...

Have fuuuun!!!