Thursday, February 03, 2011

Remember when this happened?

This was a pretty good day - February 3, 2010.

First of all, my husband is awesome. He played the drunken porter in Macbeth. Wanna see?

And one time, during dress rehearsal of Macbeth, this happened.

That was awesome. I'm so glad he asked, and I'm so glad I answered yes.



Kara said...

AAAH! that makes me so happy every time.

This is the time of year Gabe and I found each other too-- On the 12th we'll celebrate our "Proposal-versary."

I wasn't dressed quite as awesomely as you guys though, I'm afraid.

Happy Proposal-versary!!
Love you guys!

Anna Alyse said...

hahahahahaha. the hell hound joke was always my favorite part, glad that's when he chose to propose. And I love carrie's laugh in the background, and then how she comes running to you. hahaha. this is fantastic.

Camilla said...

Oh gosh! That video is TO DIE FOR! Congrats you two!!! I bet you couldn't have asked for a more tailored-to-you proposal, Liz. Sounds like you guys were meant for each other.
-Sigh- I wish I could have seen you all in this play. I'm sure it was ridiculously good. And I had never seen your sweetie-pants act. Very talented! For what it's worth, I'm very impressed!

Anonymous said...

I hadn't seen the first video before; that was a lot of fun! Congratulations on your proposalversary, you two! (Ours was pretty casual, so I don't remember the date; we were just sitting around and it came up and we decided to get married. We do celebrate our first date-versary, though!)

Lots of love,

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mallosaurus said...

happy proposal-versary!!! i love you guys!

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