Saturday, February 05, 2011


I was just checking the weather forecast for the coming week, and rejoiced because it will still be on the warm side tomorrow!

And then I thought, "Huh. Right. I live in a place where a high of 26 degrees is 'on the warm side.'" And after last week's cold snap, it really is.

Wanna see what last week did to the INSIDE of our bedroom windows? I found this on Thursday (you know, that day that was a full ten degrees warmer than the day before?). This picture was taken a full four hours after the sun had risen and started to melt all of it.

And THAT is why I make a crazy plan for a vacation to Florida/California/Hawai'i at least once a week during winter.


Bidwell said...

when we lived in rexburg (aka cheaply built apartments) we went to lowes and bought this window covering plastic stuff- it kinda shrink wraps to your window to keep some of the draft out and help it stay warmer inside but once it actually is warm outside it comes off way easy. I would highly recommend it!

Mary K. Mennenga said...

I also live with the cold, looking at what the cold has done, this summer you may want to do something about that or you may end up with mold in between the wall and that will be no fun at all. the mold will grow very fast, if your renting move, if you love the place dry it out as best you can. Do what you can to keep heat from getting to the window or the wood work will warp. Good luck