Friday, January 14, 2011

Five-year-olds have the final word

Jacob: Are you sick?
Miss K: I am!
Jacob: What do you have?
Miss K: Allergies.

“My tummy huwts. Maybe it’s time to eat somefing fow me.” – KidB

Jacob and Liz: (brief kiss)
Most kids: EEEwwww!
Queen Anne: I’ve seen kissing before! My aunt and my uncle!
A Team: Kissing is only in opera.

Liz: Oooh, cool drawing. Is this a planet?
A Team: Yes, and this has bombs. (walks away calmly)

“I popped up! Like a feather!” – Queen Anne

Jacob: You’re quick! Quick as a wink!
Kid B: Winks! waptors awe fastew than winks!
(I've been saying this at least once a week since it happened.)


Kathleen said...


Brandilyn said...

KISSING IS ONLY IN OPERA! aah i love it.

Anonymous said...

If kissing is only in opera, my life is an opera ...