Friday, January 14, 2011

Big news

Jacob's financial aid came in.

It's final. We're going to New York City with the BYU-Idaho Theatre Department in April.


Oh, and I didn't post pictures of the fact that we'll be eating wonderful food at delightful restaurants, or that we'll be doing readings of original works at the Guild, or that we'll visit the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.

* I have a recurring fantasy that Daniel Radcliffe becomes really good friends with Jacob and I. I have such an older-sisterly affection for the fellow. I like to think my fantasy is valid because it's devoid of romantic content. I want to unofficially adopt Daniel into our family. You know, Sunday dinners and the like. Talks about acting. Is that creepy? Even if my intentions are pure? 


Brandilyn said...

THIS IS FANTASTIC NEWS!! I'M SO EXCITED FOR YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!! and i don't think your daniel radcliffe fantasy is weird...i have the same one about taylor swift. like every other 12 year old girl in the country, i think we would be great friends. LOL.

isha said...

yuck spiderman.....they just need to close that show before someone dies

Liz-a-nator said...

But it will be so awesome when everything's safe!

Camilla said...

Oh financial aid, I remember the days of thy glory. How we loved thee!!! No but really, FA was 100% the reason we even got married.

As to Danial Rad-athon, I'm also totally feeling you on this one. He looks a lot like my younger bro., so every time I see him in anything I feel a surge of older sisterly-ness. He just seems so familiar. (Now I sounds creepy.)

Anywayzzz, congrats on the upcoming trip!

Amanda said...

dear liz,

you know this is my hometown yes? say hi to it for me. we aren't going till may. wouldn't that be cool if we were there at the same time though?

soo excited for you! there is no place like it!