Monday, October 18, 2010


I don't hang out with friends enough and the "blogger world" is making me a blog-snob.

Also, I don't know how to write chemical reactions, but apparently I'm supposed to for my Foundational Science class.

I'm tired of homework. Give me the footlights.


Anonymous said...

"I love the nightlife;
I've got to boogy!
I got to victaaaahhhth, yeah ..."

(clearly, there are diction problems with this song ... I have no idea what they are saying there ...)

If you are like me, there's SO much to do and you feel you can't stop working on it all. However, a 15 minute break breathing deeply, preferably around trees, is a real pick-me-up. Wishing you a moment of peace today, to be re-energized and ready to write about chemical reactions!

Love you!


word verification: gueniab - the African Goddess of chemical reactions.

Carrie Lynn said...

I don't know what blog-snob means.