Friday, September 24, 2010

Like sand in an hourglass

I would like to start today over. Can that be arranged, please?

And this time, can the following please happen:
- My husband gets a grade on his paper that he deserves and that reflects his work and argument and critical thinking and textual support
- My husband's lit class review of recent papers is a positive experience
- I don't overhear people (who don't know I'm within earshot) talking about how I'm not funny on Comic Frenzy
- Carrie feels healthy and well
- Beckah's housing situation is smooth as glass
- My payroll gets deposited to the correct account


Valerie said...

Ugh, that sucks. My standard coping mechanism is to loudly acknowledge it's been a terrible day. And then to tell people that I've had a terrible day. And then to drink a giant coke.

Beckah said...

Well said. And even though I'm broke and stressed, it will all work out. And I'm sure it will for you too. Sometimes life has to get you down so you can realize when you're up. I love you, and wish you the best!

Carrie Lynn said...

Um. You're freaking hilarious so whoever was saying weird things about deserves a swift punch to the throat.

I can do that you know. I'm in R.A.D.

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say some things about the Comic Frenzy comment you overheard. (1) maybe you happened to be the "straight man" for the show they saw (2) maybe they just didn't "get it" (3) maybe you really did have an off day when they saw the show. You know that does happen! Ultimately, you need to trust feedback from people you respect, not from random people in a hallway. And, by the way, I didn't know you made it onto Comic Frenzy this year, so congratulations! Love you much!


word verification: sonficto - Latin for fictitious comments made by someone who thinks they aren't being heard.

Brandilyn said...

your momma's comment made me smile. liz, you're funny in an ironic, sarcastic, and intelligent way that lesser minds probably just don't understand. i think you're funny. carrie thinks you're funny. and you know what? those people in the hall didn't even get into CF! what the H do they know? they have no idea how big o' balls it takes to get on a stage and do improv in front of strangers. it scares the poo out of me, at least.

sometimes it helps to climb into bed and "start all over again." i know it sounds cheesy, but it helps me.

you're awesome. jacob's awesome.