Thursday, August 19, 2010


I've got itchy feet lately. It's an inherent Whittaker trait, and even though I'm technically a Chapman now, Whittaker blood still flows in my veins and makes my feet itchy. There's not really anything I need to escape from. I'm just bored. The monotony of nothing but telephone survey centers and endless laundry and dishes is getting to me. And I keep trying to convince myself to LIVE it UP here in Rexburg...but...well, I'm tired of Rexburg right now.

Top Five Places I'd Like to Be Right Now:

1. The San Francisco Bay Area. For the Haight-Ashbury, for Berkley, for my family, for Jordan and Heather's wedding.

2. The beach. Somewhere along the California or Oregon coast. I need to connect to the Pacific Ocean at least twice a year, or my soul starts to fray at the edges.

3. In Utah. Just to be with friends. (Read: Sarah Jagger, I miss you!)

4. Disneyland. Because you just can't go wrong in Disneyland. AND I haven't been there in over a decade.

5. New York City. You could spend a lifetime there and still not quite get to everything. AND my sister is there.

Thank goodness for a camping trip this weekend, Playmill trip soon afterwards, and a motorcycle for the in-between times. Hopefully all of that will assuage my wanderlust.

Oh, and speaking of escape:
Jordan & Heather, Jesse & Kathleen, Annie, Jenny Mae & Matt, Beckah, Shanelle, Sarah, Allison, and other future commune members! I found our house. It's on the California coast, about two hours north of San Francisco. It's only $600,000. It's a little small for all of us, so if you guys don't want to commune, Jacob and I are buying this and living there forever. Y'all can come visit anytime. Wanna see it? You'll die of happiness. Click here.


Jaggers Brain said...

Oh my gosh that is our house! But we may have to build UP!

I miss you like crazy, and I am so sad that I probably won't get to see you again until after England.

Just know you're amazing! And I can't wait for our commune!

Beckah said...

Um, yes? We must live there. Only we will NOT have any camo or anything with antlers.

And I totally know how you feel! I just started a new job, and while it's great, I'm not used to working every day and I'm starting to get antsy. BUT I AM GOING TO THE COAST THIS WEEKEND! Our ward is going to Harris Beach for a couple of days, so I'm going and I'm so excited! And don't worry. I've got my Avril Lavine, my "My Own Worst Enemy," and I'm prepared to find, name, and throw off a cliff a poor dead jellyfish. Only I wish you could come too.


Anonymous said...

Hey, the house has been marked down to $599,000!

I await you (and Rebekah!) with open arms ... are you going to San Francisco? And, actually, I ask that seriously, for Jordan's wedding?

Love you!


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