Wednesday, August 25, 2010

And counting...

There is a woman named Heidi Merrill, who has taught me a number of important things. The list includes the value of wearing pantyhose to auditions and how to find the energy and motivation to do a show when you just don't feel like it. But with September 8th looming a mere 2 weeks away, the more relevant lesson she's taught me is this:

Make a big deal out of your birthday.

Because, it's your birthday! Why wouldn't you? Now, I know I just had a WEDDING, and that's kind of "all about the bride," but I tried hard to make it "all about the couple." Besides, that was MONTHS ago, and it's time for MORE PRESENTS now, riiiggghhhhttt?? (Flashes of TAMNers, anyone?)

Well, okay. The whole "make a big deal out of your birthday thing" is not really about presents. I just like to make a big deal out of my birthday. For those who will be in Rexburg in early/mid-September, I'll keep you posted on party details. I might back out of this, but I'm thinking about a theme this year. Mocktails (little black dresses, red lipstick, suspenders, and shirley temples)? Masquerade? Harry Potter? B horror flicks from the 50's and 60's? I'll let it percolate for a little while. (You know, in preparation for our children's amazing themed birthday parties. I'll get in the habit of planning them NOW, so that when we HAVE kids, I'll be an expert.)

And I guess if you really WANTED to get me a present, I'd like these things (some more spendy than others):

• A used/cheap electric washer and dryer for our new apartment
• A Mixmaster or Kitchenaid
• 2 simple black poster frames (24" x 36")
• DVD of "Wonderman" (starring Danny Kaye)
• A White Stripes album (anything but "White Blood Cells" or "Elephant"...already have those)
• Set of large tupperware jars for baking supplies (sugar, flour, salt, etc)
• Dinner and movie date with my husband!
• Gift cards to Porter's craft store

Happy birthday, Liz.

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