Friday, April 16, 2010

Time Machine

Can it please be July 10th now?

I'm tired of planning, and want everything to be done so Jacob and I can get married.

It's not that I've stopped CARING about the wedding details...I don't really want to hand the entire affair over to someone else, because I still want things a certain way (which is my prerogative as a bride). I just wish all of the details would take care of themselves. Even when I delegate, it just changes "E-mail Tiana about engagement photo shoot" on my to-do list to "Tell _____ to e-mail Tiana about engagement photo shoot."

Hooray DIY weddings. (Anything else costs like ten grand and I'd rather have food/clothing/shelter after we're married.)

It'll be worth it. I know it. And I'm still having fun. It's just that residual effects of mono + no school after 16 months straight undergrad work + beautiful weather = all I want to do is read and go on picnics. Not e-mail Tiana about engagement photo shoots.

**NOTE: Jacob is awesome. He's so obliging and helpful in all of these things, and the main reason I want to speed up time is not to skip wedding planning, but to share a house with HIM.

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