Wednesday, April 21, 2010

So we meet again, quotation marks...

Inspired by a recent entry from good friend Jillian, in which she shares brilliant quotes she's heard of late, here is short little excerpt from my own quote-book! I haven't been keeping terribly good track of quotes lately, but there are a few gems that warrant sharing. Here they are.

To the dog: "I am definitely not your father. You're a dog. And I'm a virgin." --Jacob

Liz: Mmm, smells like creativity.
Gary: No, just alcohol.
Liz: Same thing, isn't it?

"Whoa. That was so intense. And he was just eating a wheat thin." --Ryan Cobabe

Annie: Why did you write "school" on the board?
Aubrey: Uhm...I think it's an id manifestation.
Annie: "School"?
Aubrey: I don't know! I like "s" words!

"Their house is so...normal. I was expecting time machines and statues of C.S. Lewis, but it just...smells like cats." --Jacob

"What?! It's not a hackey sack! It's a muffin!" --Thomas Brower

"You know there's a full moon on February 14th? I hope some people's dates turn into werewolves." --Beckah

"You're so morbid! Brownies don't die in microwaves! GREMLINS die in microwaves!" --Aubrey

"I have an idea. And it involves levitation. But the good guys win." --Jacob, in his sleep, when I tried to wake him up from his nap on the couch


Bobowhee said...

Jillian approved :)

Quotes are some of the happiest things in the world.

Mallory Naomi said...

HAHAHAHA you always have the best. hahah Jacob makes me so happy.