Saturday, January 02, 2010

The year in review

I think I cheated by giving more than one answer to most of these. But I justify it with the fact that I'm the one who made up the questions.

Best moment of 2009:
August 24th, at 5:30 in the morning, when Jacob announced he would like to date me. Close seconds include: all of the weekend of Shanelle’s farewell, the roadtrip/family reunion marathon of the summer (you can read about it here, here, here and here), “Alive” at the Pearl Jam concert, Carrie’s bachelorette party, every visit to the Playmill, motorcycle rides around the outskirts of Rexburg, and the night of the jazz combos concert over the summer.

Worst moment of 2009: Not getting cast at Playmill and not having any idea where I was supposed to be or what I was supposed to be doing. (It turned out wonderfully, by the way. I met some wonderful roommates and a wonderful guy and made some great friends and had some incredible experiences. Even though I was confused at first, it turned out that I was right where I was supposed to be this past summer).

Biggest surprise of 2009: Jacob. And the various engagements of friends.

What I would change about 2009 if I could: I would have gone to the temple more…read my scriptures more…been better in general.

Greatest accomplishment of 2009: Getting a 3.5 GPA summer semester. Partly because I was taking a few challenging classes (AKA Grammar), but also because I somehow managed to get that GPA from my 12 credits while simultaneously: singing in a jazz combo, doing hours for tech theatre, tech-ing one of the main stage shows, being in a one-act play, working as a secretary for the English Department, working at the call center, doing graphic design for the theatre department, giving guitar lessons, and visiting West Yellowstone regularly.

Quote of 2009:
There are too many historically funny ones to single out the “best” or “most memorable.” So I chose the two that have become part of my friends’ and I’s lexicons. These are: “I’ma sing in my off-the-SHOULDER yellow dress!” (me) or “Heh heh…why not? Could be fun.” (JP)

Favorite movie discovered in 2009: After hours of reflection, I have decided that this one is impossible to answer. So I shall declare that Netflix Instant Viewing is the best “movie discovery” of the year. Many a documentary and hard-to-find film has made it’s way into my heart via that feature.

Favorite band discovered in 2009: PEARL JAM. Also got more turned on to Jimi Hendrix, Jeff Buckley, Ingrid Michaelson, and Soundgarden.

Favorite song discovered in 2009: “Ruby Blue” by Roison Murphy, “Black and Gold” by Sam Sparro, “Do the Evolution” and “Given to Fly” by Pearl Jam, and “Can’t Help Falling in Love” by Elvis Presley. The last song I’d discovered before, but this year I seem to have actually realized its greatness.

Most interesting intellectual thing learned in 2009:
Educational psychology! Most specifically more about how the brain functions…myelination and synaptic pruning and all kinds of cool stuff!

Most important spiritual thing learned in 2009: Sometimes the Lord guides you to something that feels RIGHT, just so that you’ll turn to Him when it doesn’t go as you had expected. When things don’t turn out the way you planned—when you don’t get cast at Playmill, when JP doesn’t ask you out, when you call off the wedding—it doesn’t mean that your initial choices or feelings were necessarily wrong. It just means that you need to learn to trust the Lord more. When things like that happen, you can either despair and give in to confusion, or say “Lord, I don’t really understand where I’m supposed to be or what I’m supposed to do right now, but I’ll just trust you and keep listening.” And when you choose the latter, the Lord ALWAYS guides you, and eventually you’ll figure out why things happened the way they did.

Scariest moment of 2009: The government coup in Honduras was pretty scary. You know, when my family was there and there were curfews and riots, etc. I was also pretty terrified when my sister got in a car accident (she and the other passengers were all fine).

Most comforting moment of 2009: Laying out in the hammock in the yard towards the end of winter semester, crying with confusion and fear and frustration…not knowing where I was supposed to be or why the things I felt the Lord for me weren’t happening. I prayed and prayed, asking the Lord to send me some sign that I was being cared for, even though I knew and told the Lord that I should be more faithful without it. I was asking for comfort…I had such a longing to be gathered into my Heavenly Father’s arms and lulled gently to peace. And as I was praying and crying in the still night, a strong breeze came rushing through the trees and rocked the hammock I was laying in, and just as quickly was gone. The thought and feeling came strongly into my heart that it was the Lord’s way of saying “I’m here. And I will rock you to peace. Be still. You are loved, and I will help you see that it will all work out.”

What a wonderful year! I’m so grateful for the INNUMERABLE blessings of the last year. I hope to do more this coming year to be worthy of those blessings. God bless you all in 2010!

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