Saturday, January 09, 2010

The Macbeth Awards

As the Macbeth rehearsal process has begun, I've decided that there are certain members who need to be commended for their contributions. I apologize to those who don't know these individuals, but I commend them anyway.

The Unexpected Casting Award: Kimball, for being moved from an Assistant Stage Manager to a witch double in one rehearsal

The Uninhibited Award: Amelia, for having awesome witch laughs and choreographing epic fights (and also for giving ME permission to be uninhibited, an onstage goal of mine lately)

The Confident Sword-fighting Award: Scott Chapman, for joining the corps of boys who've been fighting for a month or so, even though he has no previous stage experience.

The Generally Awesome Award: Jacob Chapman, for his fight at the end of the final battle, and for meriting the statement "Your boyfriend is awesome" from two separate people at rehearsal this morning.

The Hilarious and Adorable When Frustrated With Lines Award: Meredith Bellows, for being hilarious and adorable when she's frustrated with lines. (Mer, you WILL get that scene! I promise!)

The Songs about Characters Award: David Aintablian, for composing songs with lyrics like "His wife is dead, WTF" about various characters in the show.

The Willing to Have Personal Bubble Burst Award: Caleb, whose name we didn't even know when we first blocked that part where the witches caress, kiss, attempt to eat, and drag down to hell his body.

The "When in Doubt, Yell" Award: Seth Nehring, for just holding up his sword and yelling, when he forgot the lines of his "pumping up the soldiers" speech towards the end. (And his soldiers should be commended for just going along with it and joining in.)

The Foolishly Uninhibited Award: Me, for being so "uninhibited" in rehearsal a few nights ago, that I re-hyper-extended my right knee, which was originally injured in summer of 2007.

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Bobowhee said...

Baha. This makes me happy. Especially the parts about you and Seth. And the biting and kissing and caressing. That was good too. :)