Monday, October 26, 2009

Two things:

1. I gussied up the ole blog a bit! A rather pretty little arrangement, I'd say.

2. I thought I'd have a lot to blog about when it came to my new job on campus, doing voice-over tutorials and support for Blackboard, but it turns out I really don't. Except my co-workers are very nerdy and fun.
Exhibit A: (overheard on my first day of work) "Okay okay, Jesus uses a Mac, but HEAVENLY FATHER uses a PC!"
Anyway, for those expecting a blog entry about work, I respectfully deny you such an entry.

Love you all.


Anonymous said...

But your stories about being a Kirby vacuum sales girl were so funny! And being a bakery girl at Brolim's! There's GOT to be something fun to report there!

ps - Love you!

Mrs. Pingel said...

Cute makeover! Loving it.