Sunday, October 25, 2009


Dear blog,
You are getting a make-over.

Dear Dallas,
You were one of my favorite parts of "Tartuffe."

Dear Autumn (the season),
I'd like you better if I could get the thoughts of Snow-cones and beach trips out of my mind.

Dear Jacob,
I adore you.

Dear School,
What the effing crap. Why are you half-way over?

Dear Eddie Vedder,
You're one of the coolest people on the earth right now. That I know of.

Dear DI,
I need you to have a cute grey pencil skirt.

Dear library,
I don't know what to read next.

Dear powers that be,
I'm pretty happy right now. Thanks for that.


Brandilyn said...

read 'water for elephant's next...if you've already read that, then read 'the birth of venus.' also read 'the perks of being a wallflower.' and then read anything by david sedaris...and have a good day!

Kathleen said...

YAY HAPPY LIZ! Guess what? Jesse just got accepted (conditionally) at the University of Kent! For the American and British Literature program in Canturbury and PARIS! We love you!